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  1. Channel Deleted Channel Deleted

    I was the only one in my class who ACED an exam (I studied for only 1 DAY , and woke up 5:00 AM to get ready and study 1 hour before i got to school the day of the exam :o) I'm not sure if this made a difference or not but i listened to this while I studied 😛

  2. Thomas Middleton Thomas Middleton

    I was like what is that annoying scratching sound, turns out my girlfriends rabbit was gnawing at the wood bed frame lol.

    Back to study!
    This seems to help for some reason

  3. Constance Matthews Constance Matthews

    I have huge concentration problems and this helped me. I wouldn't say a lot because that wouldn't be true but I have to admit it helped me for at least 30 minutes before the "ding dong" sound from Instagram called me XD Anyway I'm definitely using this again 🙂

  4. Angelo Escasinas Angelo Escasinas

    I'm bully school because my brain weak 😔😖😖😖😫😣 Effective Thanks 😱☺

  5. Misuq Production - Future, House and many more Misuq Production - Future, House and many more

    Amazing video ♥

  6. J Chan J Chan

    i'm listening to this right now and it helped allot!!! and usually i get distracted but when i listen to this calming music it helped me finish up my projects faster!! 🙂 thank you.

  7. The Best Top`s The Best Top`s

    Finally im gonna stay focus on my studies, ¿wait is that a squirrel on my backyard? fuck this shit i need to see that.

  8. Sean Lynes Sean Lynes

    Have final exams tomorrow in the Bahamas i use this same vid every year and do good.

  9. Grace Seifert Grace Seifert

    UMM aren't you supposed to be studying….?

    I guess you can read the comments too

  10. Mushi Stew Mushi Stew

    Wow you got this far reading the comments, well its time to stop now, however I have a secret to tell you

    I spent my time reading comments and making this instead of work 😛

  11. Jean Paul Kapp Jean Paul Kapp

    The beauty of youtube, knowing you have a law exam tomorrow, but reading comments and watching amusing lip reading videos takes preference, you know you are in deep shit.. (,- , ) ( '-') ('-' ) ( ,-,)

  12. Nesha Amour Nesha Amour

    I just did the impossible yoga pose which I usually can't do it at all even though I tried many times. I just don't know how and I can't believe myself. I think it's because of this music. But I seriously don't know how I just did that Inversion yoga.

  13. Matthew Davies Matthew Davies

    Wow… I was so stressed out about my history exam and this has relaxed me already…better get back to revising. But I do recommend this!

  14. Meggi Bam Meggi Bam

    That works well!

  15. Oscar Otz Oscar Otz

    You back and study!


  16. success Hunter success Hunter


  17. Jelena P Jelena P

    I have a math test tomorow and i am realy scared, even if i know everything. Wish me luck!

  18. seulbearty blackjacksone seulbearty blackjacksone

    Hi guys! I have Math and IT tests tomorrow. I use this music while studying. Wml for tomorrow 🙏🏻

  19. Nalendra Nalendra

    Physics Test Tomorrow :Gravitational Force (Newton), Dynamics , Work And Energy , Momentum And Impulse , and Simple Harmonic Motion . !!!!!


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