1962 Winter Fashion Ad Layout, “Captivating Touches of Fur” (2 pages)

1962 Winter Fashion Ad Layout, "Captivating Touches of Fur" (2 pages)
Beauty Products

Two-page black-and-white layout for 1960s luxury furs; fashion description:
"What girl can resist the luxurious feel of fur? And when it's fabulous-looking, and doesn't cost a fortune, it's just that much more irresistible. Consider the depths of softness (left) shaped into a toque and barrel muff. (Muff has a purse inside.) Shown in black-dyed fox; devastating in red fox, too. Muff, about ; the hat, about . Winter Products. On this page, 72 inches of ravishing red-fox boa to swathe your head or wrap around your shoulders. About . Fur Flyers. Glacé kid gloves, Aris."

Published in Good Housekeeping, December 1962 - Vol. 155 No. 6

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