21 Acres: Handmade Straw & Hay Pasta with Fresh Spring Peas, Prosciutto, & Cream Sauce

21 Acres: Handmade Straw & Hay Pasta with Fresh Spring Peas, Prosciutto, & Cream Sauce
Let's use those fresh spring peas and tender spinach to make a fabulous pasta! Chef Frankie, former owner of Frankie’s Pizza & Pasta in Redmond, will teach you how to make two types of fresh pasta... egg and spinach fettuccines, which are married together in a delicious, and beautiful pasta entrée called Straw & Hay. Also learn how to make a fabulous cream sauce with organic fresh cream from local dairies such as Golden Glen, Fresh Breeze, and Pure Eire. To accompany this beautiful yellow and green pasta dish we’ll make a fresh seasonal salad with homemade vinaigrette, honey roasted hazelnuts, local organic gorgonzola cheese, and seasonal fruit. Pasta can optionally be made vegetarian, but not dairy free. Salad is vegetarian and optionally dairy free. Instructor: Frankie Curtis, former owner of Frankie’s Pizza & Pasta Frankie is a self-trained chef, restaurateur, cook book author, cooking class teacher, food blogger, food and wine photographer, wine writer, and Italy travel guide. For nearly 24 years Frankie and his wife, Rhonda, owned and operated Frankie’s Pizza and Pasta, a neighborhood Italian restaurant in downtown Redmond. During those years Frankie authored and self-published a cook book Frankie at Home in the Kitchen. This allowed him to marry his love of food with his passion for food photography. With the restaurant now closed due to redevelopment, Frankie has turned his attention to teaching cooking classes, doing food and wine photography, and publishing his food blog. He is currently organizing his first Tour of Tuscany to take place in September 2017. Registration is required in advance for culinary programs. All proceeds benefit educational programming at 21 Acres and initiatives related to accelerating social change toward more sustainable ways of growing, eating and living that protect the environment while supporting a better quality of life. The more the merrier! Our culinary classes are twice as much fun when they’re full. 21 Acres reserves the right to cancel any class that fails to meet the minimum enrollment numbers required for teacher participation. 21 Acres may also cancel classes due to chef illness or inclement weather. If 21 Acres cancels a class, students will be notified and a full refund will be mailed or a credit issued on the credit card used. Learn more about 21 Acres’ cancellation and refund policy. Be a conscientious commuter—walk, bike, carpool or bus to 21 Acres events whenever possible.

at 21 Acres Farm
13701 N E 171st Street
Woodinville, United States

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