3 Healthy Slow Cooker Recipes for 2016 / 3 Recetas Hacer en Olla de Cocción Lenta

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    • avatar Dr Claw 0

      skip to 2:00 if you don't want to listen to this asshole plug his website.

      • avatar Marvilita Ortega 1

        Oats 😍

        • avatar Harley Michelle 1

          what appliance are you using?

          • avatar jesse turner 2

            I love your videos but you need to give the measurements. Howe are we supposed to know how much to use.Its really frustratinng because i want to try ther oatmeal and dont know what to do.

            • avatar Diana Karoyan 1

              wow this is awesome

              • avatar Portable Konfidence 2

                Your food looks amazing and your physique looks great as well good job! i HATE cooking.. it takes too long and lets not even talk about the prep and cleanup lol so needless to say I recently discovered the crockpot life! Throw all of your ingredients into one pot and come home 8 hours later to some goodness?? Oh im in heaven lol i look forward to more vids from your channel. God bless:)

                • avatar Namen Roodles 2

                  In the stuffed peppers are you using precooked beans and rice?

                  • avatar aj_d 2

                    Can we get some more slow cooker recipes please? Makes my cooking so much easier

                    • avatar Roxanna Picos 1

                      Love the shirt haha. I need a slow cooker now! The tex mex bell pepper recipe though…..yum!!!

                      • avatar Tommy Lundholm 1

                        As I watch this I'm realizing it's just before 2016…..look at his determination and dreams before the worst year ever happens.

                        • avatar Shay Shay 1

                          Awesome ideas!!

                          • avatar Mell Wert 2

                            can this be made in a pressure cooker? Would I have to change anything in the recipe or instructions?

                            • avatar Ignacio Villarroel Jensen 1

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                              • avatar Jeffrey Dunbar 1

                                Measurements ?

                                • avatar C Dizzle 1

                                  made the teriyaki pulled chicken for the first time before work last night…I thoroughly enjoyed it!!!! it was delicious!

                                  • avatar Natalia Angelique 1

                                    Love the stuffed peppers recipe! But what do you recommend as a substitute for cilantro? Hate the stuff!

                                    • avatar migii820 1

                                      is there any alternative to using the slow cooker, love the recipe but don't have a slow cooker

                                      • avatar Dat Le 1

                                        hot man!

                                        • avatar msj6034 1

                                          Go to 2:03 for start of recipes.

                                          • avatar astone0611 0

                                            Man I'm so glad I found your channel!