A Few SIMPLE TIPS For Becoming a BETTER EDITOR! – Friday 101

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    • avatar Finlay Thomson 0

      My penis is growing cuz this vid

      • avatar BT -7274 1

        thanks, im trying to get better because im a beginner, can you tell me exactly what my videos need to get better? i want feed back from a pro

        • avatar Curious Zee 1

          Shout out to badmouse productions for sending me here!

          • avatar Comfortably Strange 1

            This is really creepy for the fact that I just downloaded lightworks about 15 minutes ago without even knowing that it would be brought up in this video 😂

            • avatar Elite Gaming 1


              • avatar This That Travel 1

                Super helpful! Such a small detail but i had no idea id been overlooking it.. Thanks!

                • avatar Eric Norberg 1

                  You don't have to overlap dialouge, the coen brothers rarely do it.

                  • avatar Mrfight 1

                    Question can I use camtasia studio 8.4?

                    • avatar ObeyBeeno 1

                      Only 19k Views a day but almost a mill subs smh

                      • avatar Nicolas Sicard - Personne n'en parle 2

                        5 years later you can get "black magic design davinci resolve" for free.

                        • avatar Sonia Borges 1

                          great video

                          • avatar Anita Star 1

                            Thanks! How can I get a critique?

                            • avatar W b 0

                              at some point in time you were editing a video, about video editing…. nice video helped alot!