A Not so Simple Supper

A Not so Simple Supper
A Not so Simple Supper: A Catered Dinner Party Hosted by YYC Campus Ministry A three-course, sustainably-sourced gourmet meal, all served and enjoyed with live music. It is promising to be an incredible evening. The dinner will feature foods that are sourced locally and raised sustainably (wherever possible), cooked by Rev. Danah Cox, who has 25-years of experience working in classic french restaurants. While Cox's food is delighting your taste buds, your ears will be treated to the beautiful music of professional pianist Greg Massey, as he quietly accompanies your meal. Meat or seafood options will be made available, with the option for vegetarian upon request. We will need your order so that we can determine the amount of food to cook. This helps keep our costs down and means more money will go back into our young adult programming. The Menu Appetizer Choices  Truffle & Cauliflower au Gratin (yes, I said truffles!) This classic vegetable appetizer is taken to a new level with the addition of truffles. For those who haven't tried truffles before, perhaps now is the time. For those who have tried truffles, well I don't think I have to say anymore. or  Crabmeat Stuffed Mushroom Caps with Hollandaise Sauce (yes, I said Crabmeat : ) Salad Spring Mixed Greens & Heirloom Tomatoes with light Dijon Vinaigrette No choices here, so just keep reading. Entree Choices Roasted Pork Loin & Figs With Figs, Sweet Pepper, Balsamic Vinegar Reduction, Rosemary Roasted Potatoes, & Asparagus I really love this combination of flavors, as the sauce serves as a naturally sweet, and tangy compliment to the loin. To be sure this is much more savory then it is sweet.  or Red Snapper topped with Shrimp Creole Dusted with flour, seared on a skillet, and finished in a high heat oven makes this fish just scream to be topped with an authentic Shrimp Creole…and so that is what we do. Of all the recipes in my repertoire, this is the most authentic. Vegetarian As shrimp would be added at the last minute in the Creole sauce it can be done as the vegetarian option, with ample amounts of asparagus serving as the protein source. Dessert  Mixed Fruit a la “Stock” Cold Fruit, Toasted Nuts, Raw Cocoa Chips, a dollop of Greek Yogurt, served on a homemade Meringue Shell, (or cookie),  finished with a drizzling of Honey and Tahini. With a little bit of everything – nuts, seeds, honey, dairy, and fruit – this truly is a delicious and healthy cornucopia of flavors. This is about as “granola” as one can get without actually having any granola involved. or Crème de Menthe parfait For those who view desserts as being an indulgence, therefore needing a little decadence involved, as well as avoiding anything too overtly healthy as our first dessert choice, we have a very simple combination of vanilla ice cream and a splash of crème de menthe. Don’t be fooled by its simplicity, this is a delicious dish, & wonderful palate cleanser! The meal is being held in support of YYC Campus Ministry, the official campus ministry for the United Church and Presbyterian Church in Calgary. We are an open ministry focused on working with young adults through a liberal Christian mindset. We do interfaith work, are advocates for the LGBTQ+ community and are believers in giving every young adult spaces to express their individuality and think from their hearts not just their heads. By supporting the Campus Ministry you are helping sustain the ministry and providing us resources for continuing to grow and expand our programming.

at Scarboro United Church
134 Scarboro Avenue SW
Calgary, Canada

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