A Valuable Attitude That Anyone Must Hold

A good sense of humor is essential for every one. One cannot be serious about life all the time and build up tension and stress while having to face life’s situations on day-to-day basis. One should be able to laugh and joke and have fun while interacting with others and make others laugh and loosen up too.

If a leader has a good sense of humor, it is easier for him as well as his team to pull through these difficult times during economic recession. This is only one of the challenges that he has to face now.

Sense of humor does not mean taking things light or laughing things off. The leader would know where to use his sense of humor to make things lighter and yet retain the focus on the seriousness of the situation facing him and his team.

Humor is an important attitude that everyone must have for it gives us a different perspective with which to look at situations confronting us and also at the life . It helps us remain calm and not get worked up or over excited when faced with life’s challenges and issues.

It is the way that the leader eases up the situation and lightens up the mood of the entire team that sets the pace for the entire team to continue taking on stressful situations and still make progress. Especially in times of economic downturn, boss’s sense of humor does help in assuring people that things will be all right and remove any kind of insecurity from their minds. When there is such a backing and conscious effort from the boss to make things easy for the employees, employees too get motivated to put everything behind them and make things happen for the company.

Every day while you are totally busy and caught up in work, make it a point to take a break. Walk across to the window and have a look outside, share a few minutes of laughter and humor with friends and colleagues. This will not only help you relax and others too, it will give you a new perspective to noticing and appreciating life passing by and teach you to live every moment.

Don’t take things lightly but don’t be too serious. Especially if you are the boss, learn to walk with a light and clear head. Make it a point to share a good laughter session with your team. See the magic it does for your team as well as you.

A leader is one who takes the burdens off the shoulder from his team, removes their roadblocks and empowers them and motivates the team to move forward. He does all this with a smile holding his head high and not weighed down by the burden.

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