ACNE TREATING Skincare routine for OILY, SENSITIVE skin – PLUM Green Tea SKINCARE for PIMPLES review

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  1. Madhurima Bardhan Madhurima Bardhan

    Nice video, enjoy watching your skin care videos. 🙂 <3

  2. Digital Fairy Digital Fairy

    hey jovita, I live in the US but I want to purchase these Plum products. Is this line sold only in India?

  3. Vibha B Vibha B

    Oh My Godzilla, I know someone who looks equally good w/ and w/o makeup! I look like a wet cat if I don't use eye-liner 😛
    Jovi Darling, loved that cat ear hair band thingy on your head, you look extra cute! (insert heart in eyes emoji).
    P.S : No offense to cats/animals, I'm a proud owner of 2 dogs and a cat.

  4. Anjana Mohan Anjana Mohan

    Available in bahrain??

  5. Akku here Akku here

    you're soooo cute! I always enjoy watching your videos. 😘

  6. Alhammadi_alaa Alhammadi_alaa

    Love you Jojo 😍❤️❤️

  7. Tasnova Tasnova

    You look more beautiful these days❤️❤️❤️

  8. aysha farhana aysha farhana

    Hey jovita can u please do an updated skincare routine …!!ur skin is really glowing ..:)masha allah..

  9. Arpita K Arpita K

    hey jovita … love love love your skin

  10. Reshma priyadarsinee Dash Reshma priyadarsinee Dash

    Nice video.. Thanks fr dis

  11. Shweta Bhosle Shweta Bhosle

    so wht all exercise u do in 1.30 mins..u really reducing ur weight .. plz reply thank jovita .

  12. mine Me mine Me

    hi jovita… thank u so much for the review on plum pdts.. I'm in dubai so can u tell me how I can buy these..

  13. Ann Williams Ann Williams

    Allergic to green tea

  14. Preeti Bansal Preeti Bansal

    i like the video 😉😉😉and that hairband is vry cute😘😘

  15. Bidisha Banerjee Bidisha Banerjee

    yeah pls do a vdo on juicy chemistry i m a huge huge fan of their range , specially their oils and mango butter hair spa crm,it's almost my 3rd tub 🙂
    would love to see u

  16. Sneha Halder Sneha Halder

    I have also bought the plum green tea range..but these acne & milia like bumps are not disappearing..:(..Please Jovita Di, Highly request you to suggest.

  17. Sneha Halder Sneha Halder

    Hi Jovita di, firstly thank you for the video. I do have aquery regarding my skin issue. I recently suffering from acute cystic acne, which making me insane. I read a lot of article regarding this, came to a conclusion. I am doing HIIT workouts, & these causing me series of breakouts, but when i am adding diary products specifically milk, as in my oatmeal or cornflakes for even like 2 days. Some little bumps are appearing in my inner cheek , chin or forhead area, & these are hella painful. I am on low carb high protein diet. But i don't have any other options for breakfast. I work in support shift at IT company. These are the easy optons as breakfast for me. I am 23 , i also have many milia or pimple like bumbs around my nose, I tried to pierce or extract those things, but I don't know, that portion of my skin is really textured due to this. Please suggest …Pleas help…Will appreciate a tonne.


    Hi jovi ! Iam from Tamil nadu ☺️Wow what a coincidence today I got my plum green tea kit and I used it for first time …love your videos !!!

  19. rayhab dilli rayhab dilli

    please do a ten step skin care routine with affordable products for oily acne prone skin


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