Acoustic Guitar Reviews – What To Look For In Guitar Reviews

If you are thinking of buying an acoustic guitar you want to get informed before parting with your hard earned cash. A staple feature of most music publications and guitar magazines is reviews. In particular, you will always find the latest guitars reviewed in each publication. There are basically two types of reviews. You could say the first is a professional review that is broken down into a set criteria that is largely adhered to with each review that is done. The second will be written by the enthusiastic amateur who is more likely to give their impressions on a particular guitar rather than formulate why the guitar is good, bad or indifferent. This is effectively anecdotal but still useful as it may be more honest.

An expert acoustic guitar review should be one that is written by someone who has had several years of guitar-related experience. They should have a criteria that they follow for each guitar they review so that an objective view of each instrument is communicated. The reviewer should also have several different models from several different manufacturers. The reviewer should be able to put aside personal preference and objectively point out a guitar’s pros and cons. Should a bias be present, it should be admitted and explained.

A user review will be slightly rougher round the edges but may be more honest. It will probably communicate a particular persons view of using and playing a particular guitar as the person won’t have hundreds of guitars to play with. You may relate to them more because they are at the same level as you and thus feel more confident in their recommendations.

When you look for user reviews, you should look to the internet for information. Locate websites containing a few reviews of each guitar written by a variety of musicians. Many music stores have web sites with user reviews. Some offline magazines also have internet versions that will have information that you need. But the most common sites for reviews will be individual websites that a person has put together themselves.

Every guitarist plays his or her own unique type of music at different kinds of venues with different arrangements of band members. A classical guitar player who plays at wedding receptions has different needs and preferences than a rock guitarist who performs in nightclubs. Be sure you find reviews from individuals who play the same style of music and who are at the same level of playing that you are or that your aspire to.

There are a couple of tricks you can use when using a search engine like Google or Yahoo for acoustic guitar reviews by experts or users. One thing you can do is to put quotes around particular phrases like: “acoustic guitar reviews.” When using Yahoo, this trick can decrease the number of hits from 17 million, when the search is performed without quotes, to a little over 6,000, when it is used with quotes.

This handy technique also works when you?re looking for individual acoustic guitar reviews. For instance, if you?re looking for reviews of the Martin DX1, enter martin dx1 (without quotation marks) into Yahoo?s search engine and you?ll come back with over 35,000 hits! But if you type “martin dx1” you will only get around 10,000 hits.

You can also use another little trick the next time you perform a search. If you put the plus sign (+) right next to a word you want in every hit, you?ll be able to narrow your search even more. ?Martin dx1 review? will bring you about 9 hits and that is due to the fact that you?re only seeing the sites that contain that exact phrase.

If you try something new by entering this- “martin dx1” into your search bar, you’ll get upwards of 500 hits. To find something more specific, like the action on a particular guitar, you can add that to the query as long as you add a plus sign to it. Acoustic guitar reviews will be easier to find, which will make your decision easier if you take advantage of these two small search tips.

Of course you could also go into a music shop and ask for some opinions from the salesperson but if you have done a bit of research beforehand, you are likely to get more out of the conversation.

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