Advanced Astrology…. for beginners: a crash course in practical astrology (part 1)

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    • avatar Yannis Michos 2

      go to santos bonacci this guy puts me into sleep

      • avatar Jeremy Crites 2

        spit it out brother

        • avatar B-light Hyplace 1

          The pauses allow us to digest the info. Great 👍🏾 job. I'm getting a lot from this.

          • avatar DA Hardeman 1

            Great presentation! The most thorough delivery I've heard. I'll use it as a study source. Thank you for sharing your knowledge!

            • avatar Susan Gooris Masten 1

              I really enjoy the way you teach. Your voice and cadence is calming… you make it easier to "feel" the essences of the various components of the science. Just wanted to say thank you.

              • avatar Rai Candish 0

                in regards to planets and resonance, have you ever looked at the Circle of Fifths in music?

                • avatar floRa cavedon 1

                  great class ! thank you so much for sharing your knowledge !

                  • avatar Hm Grraarrpffrzz 1

                    Hm, making money by spreading ignorance… Maybe I should also upload some astrology videos…

                    • avatar Kristen Samprakos 1

                      I love your videos on astrology you are the best at breaking it down in digestible parts Brilliant!

                      • avatar Isaiah Simpson 1

                        Excellent and thank you.

                        I am GLAD you went slow and fleshed out detail and fundamentals — it was a reason for me to tune in (not tune out).

                        Even learning something simple like minutes being subdivisions of degrees (which isn't mentioned in many other
                        astrology videos) adds to building blocks of understanding the rest more completely.


                        • avatar Joe Bloaks 1

                          Great series! Very satisfying dissertation!

                          • avatar Anastasia Shakti Zoe - Dance breath be free 1

                            great presentation on all levels – good insight you have – i am an astrologer also and i know santo's work – although my work is different to his.

                            • avatar Taylor Fox 1

                              Thank you so much for teaching this 🌟

                              • avatar Amanda . J . Hudson 1

                                Thankyou Richard ,im a new beginner and found this very helpful so cheers

                                • avatar Jack Mac 1

                                  Are you reading all this from a book…it was informative but painfully slooooow

                                  • avatar AK & Trap Mami 1

                                    Last year around this time I came across this video after gaining an interest in astrology. I have now been studying it by myself for a year and Am now 18 years old. I have acquired a branch of magic thank you to this video. It helped me dive right in with only a very short background knowledge on the subject. And boy do I remember this guys lecture replaying in my head this past year. One of the greatest things about this video is that it goes into a little bit of the spiritual side of astrology even though as he mentioned it might not be considered correct to some. It's a very interesting way to see it. this was a spot on the video! Thank you!

                                    • avatar Peter Pierce 1

                                      Have you checked out any of santos bonacci's syncretism theories on the astrological anatomy of humans?