An Anna Maria Island Vacation Goer’s Guide to Local Restaurants

One of the best parts of any vacation is discovering great places for lunch and dinner. While many of the Anna Maria vacation rentals come with fully equipped kitchens, there are numerous Anna Maria Island restaurants that offer amazing food and a fantastic atmosphere. Here are just a few of the many restaurants you'll find on your Anna Maria Island vacation.

Quick And Easy Lunch Spots For Your Anna Maria Island Vacation

If you're looking for a quick break from the beach during your Anna Maria Island vacation, look to the Atlanta Bread Company Bakery and Cafe in Bradenton. The cafe offers soups, cold and hot sandwiches and salads, as well as smoothies and espresso drinks. Prices are reasonable and the cafe allows customers to create their own lunch combinations by choosing two of the many soups, half sandwiches and half salads.

Located on the island, the Sandbar Restaurant is another choice for lunch. The menu is full of regional favorites like crab cakes, grouper ruebens, coconut shrimp salads and old standards with a twist like a buffalo meat burger. Lunch entrees start around $ 9 and go up to $ 15. If you miss the lunch hour, the Sandbar also offers expanded menus during its early bird and dinner hours. Customers can choose to sit on the restaurant's ocean-front deck or inside and call ahead seating is available.

Casual Dinners Close To Anna Maria Vacation Rentals

If you're looking for a casual place to spend an evening during your Anna Maria Island vacation, check out Mr. Bones BBQ. The restaurant's owners are so confident in the food that condiments like ketchup and spices like salt and pepper aren't even allowed in the dining room. The menu is extensive and isn't limited to just barbeque. The restaurant also offers subs, salads, fried and curried rice and other India-inspired dishes. Entre prices range from $ 6 to $ 19 for adults and from $ 4 to $ 8 for children.

Another choice for a casual dinner is Rotten Ralph's. With two locations, it should be easy to find. Dinner entres include salads, burgers, seafood items like clam strips, popcorn shrimp and fish and chips, steaks and pastas. Make sure to save room for key lime or peanut butter pie at the end of your meal. Prices start around $ 6 and can go up to around $ 20 for dinners.

Romantic Anna Maria Island Vacation Dinners

If you're looking for a romantic dinner, head to the Bonefish Grill, located nearby the Anna Maria vacation rentals in Bradenton. The Bonefish Grill specializes in fish, though the menu also offers pork, chicken and beef dishes, as well as soups and salads for those with a lighter appetite. The restaurant also boasts a large menu of specialty cocktails and an extensive wine list.

The Bonefish Grill aims to teach customers about different types of fish, how it's best cooked and where each type comes from. Seafood items include Chilean sea bass, ahi tuna, Snake River rainbow trout, cold water lobster tails and scallops. Entre prices start around $ 12 and some dishes are available in smaller portions for a reduced price if you don't want to take leftovers home to the Anna Maria vacation rentals.

Another romantic option for your Anna Maria Island vacation is the Beach Bistro. Known as the 'best little restaurant in Florida,' the Beach Bistro is included into Zagat's famous 'Top Restaurants in America' guide and has been listed as one of Florida's top 20 restaurants for the past eight years. The menu offers fresh seafood, lamb, beef and chicken and prices can range from $ 11 for soup up to $ 78 for a dish featuring lamb, lobster and foie gras. The Beach Bistro is located in Holmes Beach within walking distance of some Anna Maria vacation rentals.

Even if you plan on using the kitchens provided in the many Anna Maria vacation rentals, take a break from cooking and get out and enjoy the local restaurants. These are just a few of the many places to eat during your Anna Maria Island vacation. With so many restaurants available, you'll want to come back for an Anna Maria Island vacation year after year just to try them all.

Christine OKelly is a writer for Anna Maria Gulf Coast Rentals, an Anna Maria Island vacation rentals company that specializes in beach houses, villas and condo rentals for those enjoying an Anna Maria Island vacation.
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