1. Jynxedlove Jynxedlove

    before you see my icon and skip past, know that I'm here out of frustration with my own sex. I come in peace.

    You say that Patriarchy is the way things have been for a long time, and undoubtedly that is true. Women biologically need a protector (and hence there is the instinctual draw of the 'bad boy' who seems to have much experience in combat as far as I can tell). The thing I am surprised I don't see more of in MGTOW is discussion is how the patriarchy seems to be limited to representation in power positions, but the social and economic spheres are highly matriarchal. Women are weaker physically, so in order to maintain the safety of a powerful mate they needed to develop a method beyond physical strength to retain a partner despite what flaws that woman may have. Manipulation of the social sphere has kept men with women that are leeches and provide no emotional value to anyone, let alone another man.

    These are the women who do most of the playing of the field, and unfortunately that does mean their eggs are more often fertilized than women that have evolved past the base nature of early humanity. I believe that women who are more 'masculine' have a greater capacity for deep emotional connection, and that kind of relationship with a man promotes more successful children, which is the only reason these women are still out there, rare as they may be. I emphasise 'believe' as I have been unable to find any research that would refute or support this theory beyond personal experience.

    Without these manipulative tactics most women would be unable to reproduce, as even before a strong sense of 'emotion' were to develop in humanity, a man's biological best interest would have him spread his seed to many women, creating the greater chance of his genes getting passed down.

    Now, the trouble with humanity is that we are drastically different than other life on this planet in our mental complexity, ability to reason, and use of tools. It has come to be that there is a greater need for emotional connection to others, spouse or otherwise, than there is an actual need to reproduce. The needs and desires of the human race is evolving at a faster pace than the general population can actually keep up with. That combined with the fast and easy communication enabled by technology has caused the vapid and senseless to fill most spaces with their general white noise, drowning out the few people who have more intellectual and thought-out things to say. So many speak a lot but have little to actually say; women more than men as the social sphere of young girls encourages the parroting of ideas and opinions of the woman in social power to pull themselves up in social status. This allows for the development of the echo chambers so loved by the SJW and Feminist groups, and their further encouragement. Those who do not agree with the main idea are shunned, and this is debilitating to many men, even those in power.

    The woman's manipulation of classical mating practices has encouraged the propagation of genetic traits that has trended men towards an emotional reliance on women and a desire to protect the so-called 'weaker' sex, which has thus caused even men in power to want to instinctually pander to the 'victims' and the 'oppressed' and the 'weak'. Without a critical analysis of the power structures in existence it is easy to miss how the cries of these so-called weak women compel the 'protectors' – men – in political power to rush to their aid regardless of his own interests. I would not give these women the credit of even knowing what it is they are doing. It's an instinctual response that does not consider logic or even their own long-term emotional well being. Such emotionally stunted women do not provide the kind of environment that encourages the emotional strength and control needed to be able to really consider the feelings of others, having not seen such in their mothers.

    Invariably the women I have found palatable have been "daddy's girls" in the sense that they were more likely to get along with and enjoy their time with their fathers than their mothers, or their mother was such a child. These are the women that care enough to not toy with the emotions of others for the pure sake of power in all aspects of life. For those men going their own way and still hoping to find a female partner that isn't an air-headed insensitive husk, I wish you luck. I once suggested only looking for the women in male-dominated spaces, but that has become hazardous as well with the festering infection of SJW in the spaces we found to be a haven from the kind of woman I think we both have a problem with.

  2. jeans423 jeans423

    evolution does NOT select for positive/"supreme" superior traits it merely selects out negative traits. it does not look out for the best traits but traits that work in the environment at a certain location at a certain time.
    as well "evo-psych" and human interactions are definitely not 1 to 1 relationship

  3. Where Eagles Fly Where Eagles Fly

    Women are not worth it!

  4. Barbara Cooper Barbara Cooper

    I also guess some woman lead you to believe her connection was deeper and truer than it was?. Please note most modern woman are immature and do not view action of use as using but a automatic entitlement to the perks or uses of the relationship and or man. Also note most woman have an automatic perception of their actions and do not see, control, insecurity, immaturity, or either or as an "emotional too". I went into this being upfront with my relationship and telling my man/father of children/ his desire was in all actuality pointless. My man then thought I may have had emotional interest that my view of this relationship was indeed use and affirmation of security and or action of agreed participation. Please note that even when a man is told a portion of men refuse to shy away from or take notice that effort on their part to make the relationship work as futile for emotional based superiority reasoning. Again, seeing from the hurt end as you are and a man, which "makes you Bias as hell", I applaud your out of the box assessment and am impressed with your concept. Food for thought, would it not also hold this is nothing new, that even as far back as cavemen were used to hunt, gather food and or children/home/security. Even lady's or well brought up woman were raised to marry for money and what has become today uses of the relationship. Ironic that though you hear stories of emotional interest it would true to state that happened for select few. Second theory or fact is that woman can not use love as reason due to the lack of trust had for men. Woman have become logistical drivers and have abandoned the pair with love and use. The logic of if love is absent at least I have what I am needed at this present time. We have become sceptics and we either control and deny that we control because it would put guilt, duplicity and therefore shed negative results with review of intention or we are upfront and are considered users, gold diggers, and my favorite heartless, jaded and slutty. Ironic for a man these issues can also be true. one raises question to how men use or attach woman to their uses. To use them for emotional connection is still use and is no less horrific or wrong than use of skill/money/body/ideal assistance in life etc. To expect love or emotional connection is unrealistic when love is no longer obtainable and therefore it is the denial lead by men not the action of woman that holds majority issue. II would add that woman or most I have encountered do not want to believe they control or "tool" men. They see it as some automatic use of men that comes with the relationship and their connection. This refrains any accountability or perception of wrong doing so when the man, fails to keep his promises/vows/expecations and or dies lol he then has ended his contract and made a woman scott free.

  5. EarthAngel_A.i. EarthAngel_A.i.

    Best and healthiest relationships i had were Platonic relationships. Mostly with foreigners for some strange reason from places like Germany and Cyprus and of course these were with males. I don't think females are capable of having platonic relationships, their nature wouldn't allow them to. Even if they could, What in hell could you possible talk about with them that's of any substantial value.. I mean. really., Females need to learn, guys DO NOT GIVE A FUCK about your coworker's. cousin's', Best friend's Boyfriend or any other silly ass gossip about people we never saw, met or know and never will. Shit, now I'm getting a headache just thinking about the shit they love to talk about.

  6. Plasma Bat Plasma Bat



    even if all we contribute is money to researchers, that's good enough too.

  7. james h james h

    u say women eventually seeks out men with higher status, whoom, welll, if yur a short guy like me, i guess we are fucked to live this life alone, well, thanks for reassuring this depressing news, unless ur a black man, in which case u have nothing to worry about, as women prefer most black men because of the way they are. if u r not a black man, then all rules & standards women have apply to u – life sucks! is it my fault i wasn't born black? No, so thanks again 4 this sad affirmation

  8. pratima kulaye pratima kulaye
  9. hairbandfan1967 hairbandfan1967

    5:06 – I call bullshit here. Human beings have high brain functions that would enable them to make rational choices involving cognitive abilities that exceed the lion's instincts to fall upon and devour the gazelle. This is a cop-out to let women off the hook for their shitty behavior, plain and simple. Additionally, with all of the anti-male propaganda in the culture that exists side by side with the repeated pronouncement of women being able to do and think so much better than that of a man, then this so-called superiority would make them immune to what Freud called the id. If they are superior to men then they are superior to other lower forms of life like lions. Ergo, their bad behavior does not stem from their inability to overcome biological urges indicative of lower forms of life like the lion but from higher brain functions, hence stemming from conscious thought. Therefore, since their horrible treatment of men stems from conscious thought. your statement at the beginning of the video that women are not evil is also emphatically and unequivocally wrong.

  10. PsychologicalCynic PsychologicalCynic

    I love when people comment on my videos talking shit when they can't be replied to.

  11. Mareșalul Alexandru Averescu. Mareșalul Alexandru Averescu.

    Its not evolution and "genetic supremacy" that made women the insufferable cunts of today, its current modern day society, you could actually start a family 50-100 years ago and women would mostly be supportive enough for it to be worth it for you to spend all of the efforts needed to have one, now ? Please, I can't deal with the egos, the mind games, the subterfuge…I'd rather just live for myself.

  12. Mareșalul Alexandru Averescu. Mareșalul Alexandru Averescu.

    Here's the thing though, I don't "adhere" to any movement, I just chose not to go through all of the bullshit that relationships entail. Got a problem ? Kiss my fucking taint. I couldn't care less ya arrogant pseudo-intellectual prick.

  13. redpilllifesaver redpilllifesaver

    I believe most women are evil based on the definition of evil.Look up the definition of evil? 


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