Art, Poetry Or Marketing, A Genius Is Good At What He Does

Time to bring out the one in you !!

It is a general theory that a genius is born and not made. This belief has now been proved falacaious. And yes everybody including you has the potential to be a genius. That your genes do not determine how intelligent you are was established by numerous studies.

The idea of who is a genius and who is not has to be understood clearly. All the great scientists were geniuses. Einstein, Newton just to name a few. Great musicians like Beethoven were geniuses too. But that's not it. Your class toppers, your colleagues who seem to do twice as much as you do in the same time and the super rich people of the society.

A small observation will tell you that geniuses are very good at what they do. The artist at his art, the poet at his poetry and the marketing guy at communicating with people, they are all geniuses. Their work is no sweat for them. No wonder others marvel them. Geniuses set the bar very high for their own work. They can't put up with failure. Every failure that they face is a learning moment and they milk the most out of it.

They don't side step problems but take them head on and solve them. They don't stop until they succeed. Patience is the main reason they remain dogged. The importance of identifying opportunities and taking them as they come is another trait that helps a mere mortal turn into a genius. Geniuses are at the right place at right time doing the right thing!

To become a genius and remain one, the attitude has to be right. Negativity negates success. Positive thinking can give you a promising perspective when you look at things. Nothing can be as helpful as learning to attain success in any field. Implementation of acquired knowledge in a planned manner will make you a genius.

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