Beer And Wine Making Kit: Ideal For The Home Brewer And Wine Maker

Follow A Few Easy To Understand Instructions With Your Beer And Wine Making Kit

There are plenty of beer and wine making kit suppliers having useful kits that can help even the novice wine maker and beer brewer start out and make their own concoctions. Most beer and wine making kits come with the necessary equipment needed for brewing and wine making and also have the necessary ingredients needed for the same. The ingredients for wine making are usually high grade grape concentrates using recipes corresponding to high specification. The grapes should originate from the northern regions of Italy where the cool climate is more conducive to producing higher quality winemaking grapes.

Using the beer and wine making kits, it is possible to make a unique flavored wine or beer at home and should satisfy individual taste buds adequately without much exercise or trouble. Making wine are possible using fruit, yeast, water and additives coupled with the wine making kit which should include all the necessary equipment and includes 3 or 6 gallon wine making kits, along with the instruction manual. The wine making process can be broken into four main stages, namely primary fermentation, secondary fermentation, stabilizing and clarification and bottling.

The beer you can make with beer and wine making kits are also available with necessary equipment and ingredients and some vendors even offer two cases of homebrewed beer. The cost of these beer making kits is between eighty and one hundred fifty dollars depending on the volume of beer that needs to be brewed. Some beer making kits come with secondary fermenter and ingredients. The secondary fermenter makes it possible to condition and clarify the beer, removing all sediments created during primary fermentation.

Brewing the beer for 5 gallons worth may take only four hours broken down as two hours to boil and set up the beer in the fermenter and two to bottle the beer and also to cap the bottle. Once brewed, the beer will be ready for consumption between three to four weeks thereafter. Over and above the 5 gallon beer making kits, there is also need for a four to five gallon brew pot to boil the beer in as well as two cases of 12 ounce bottles to hold the brewed beer.

The brewing of beer process may seem a bit complicated at first but is really quite simple and once the brewer has made the first couple of batches of home brewed beer, it will seem almost like second nature thereafter. The water needs to be first heated and then after having put off the heat add the dry malt extract to the brew pot consisting of specialty grains tied within a muslin bag. Bring the pot back to a strong boil and add the bittering hops and continue to boil. Fill the last muslin bag with hops and add it to the wort about five minutes before the end of the boil. Cool until the pot is not too hot to touch and sanitize the wort at the same time with a spoon.

Add about 2.5 gallons of cold water to the sanitized bucket and then decant the cooled wort into the fermenter and then lid the bucket and rock the sealed bucket off and on for about five minutes. Place the fermenter at temperatures between 65 and 75 degrees and finally, bottle the beer after having siphoned the beer out of the fermenter into the bottle and allow the bottled beer to condition for about two weeks before use.

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