1. Aramis a free dog Aramis a free dog

    As a medical student, this reminds me that there is no cure for stupidity.

  2. Helen Shaughnessy Helen Shaughnessy

    I have been on bioidentical hormones for 9 years and could not live without. Definitely synthetic hormones are unsafe, but bioidentical implants are well researched and deemed safest long term treatment.

  3. A Positive Change A Positive Change

    What about women in surgical menopause? it's downright dangerous to say all women have to go through a 'natural' menopause when their ovaries are no longer making oestrogen and testosterone. Hormones have moved on and there is no need to take any conjugated estrogens or progestins anymore… Bio-identicals or to be more accurate 'body identical' hormones are available on the NHS. The 2002 study has been discredited. Your research is out of date!

  4. Justin Movick Justin Movick

    why are they dangerous? it seems your propaganda is to tell people to not use them. your tone is pleasing to listen. it's subtle. it's happy.

  5. Lawyer Rock Lawyer Rock

    May I suggest a great book on this subject? "Breakthrough, eight steps to wellness life altering secrets from today's cutting edge doctors". Jonathan Wright is one of many experts that Suzanne Somers (author) interviews! The book is life changing and full of knowledge!!

  6. j0nnyism j0nnyism

    God women have so many body hassles im so pleased im a man I just need to check my testicles every so often

  7. Pennie Thompson Pennie Thompson

    I have pms problems and my dr trying to put me on these ive heard these are bad I haven't took any yet should I?


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