Big Messy Art Camp for Kids – Week 2

Big Messy Art Camp for Kids - Week 2
This is a fun and very hands on camp for young children ages 3-4.  Over the course of the three days students will complete three projects. Day 1: Cave Art Materials: brown bulletin board paper, compressed charcoal, rocks, cave art library book Day 2: Michaelangelo “Ceiling” Painting Materials: 12”x18” paper, masking tape, brushes, tempera paints, safety goggles, image reference, tables or chairs to attach paper to Day 3: Jackson Pollock “Action Painting” Materials: 18”x24” paper, brushes, tempera paints, image reference, outdoor space (weather permitting) If rain is an issue, then this project can be altered for indoor completion (using cooked spaghetti). I can also change the order of projects to accommodate the weather forecast. Students will need to wear old shoes/clothes. Be aware that your child may have so much fun the possibility of paint in their hair or charcoal on their face is good!  Students must be potty trained.  Erin Simons is a very experienced elementary art teacher. She has taught art in public school and in private settings, as well as in workshops and paint nights for the past 10 years. Erin loves to use inexpensive art supplies and to repurpose materials in to beautiful works of art. Your child is sure to have a wonderful and memorable time at this Big Messy Art Camp!

at Mill Creek Studio
3305 Black Lick Rd.
Rural Retreat, United States

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