Body Piercings Info: A Glance at Its Past and Present

When you speak of "body piercing," the person will most likely conjure images of individuals in mosh pits at rock concerts. Nevertheless, nowadays, body piercings have come out into the mainstream. They're not anymore thought about to be reflections on certain subcultures; in fact, they have grown widely accepted fashion statements.

The dawn of body piercings date as far back as ancient Egypt, and was utilized to signify regal standing. Solely pharaohs were allowed to have their navels pierced, and if anybody who was not of royal blood attempted to get their navels pierced, they were apparently put to death. Ear piercings were allowed for the affluent in ancient times, but nowadays, it is just one of the most prominent kinds of body piercings, with lots of ladies wearing earrings to further improve their charm.

Although there are numerous types of body modifications, one must carefully pick the body part to pierce to steer clear of the risks connected with body piercings. Furthermore, one should ensure that the body modification company has gained sufficient expertise in this field. The company needs to offer comprehensive directions on aftercare, which have to be adhered to strictly to ensure proper healing.

A certain type of body piercing that's receiving attraction is cartilage piercing, where the upper portions of the ear referred to as the cartilage are pierced rather than the earlobes. Trustworthy body modification companies do cartilage piercing by means of dermal punching, in which a circular part of tissue is taken out where the jewelry is to be placed. Cartilage piercing uses various kinds of jewelry, and the most common type are stud earrings; hoop earrings are another popular selection.

Nose piercings are becoming trendy too, although the Hindu community has utilized it in religious settings for hundreds of years. Western culture accepted nose piercings from India in the 1970s during the punk movement and was employed as a symbol of rebellion. These days, nose piercing can considerably highlight one's facial features, and it's performed with dermal punching or stretched to much larger gauges.

Yet another method to make a statement is through tongue piercing, which uses straight barbells. Opposite to popular belief, the piercing on the tongue is in fact one of the easiest body parts to heal as long as it's performed by reputable tongue piercing specialists. For even more info, visit

For more details, search cartilage piercing, nose piercing and tongue piercing in Google for related information.
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