Book Review: A Way Out Of Hard Times

We all have a different method of expressing ourselves. Whether it's through composing music, painting a picture, photographing our lives, writing a story or creating a poem, people often choose to reveal themselves in intimate forms. Relating our happiness, sorrow, pain, and past is a way to remember, and a way to show others that there is hope.

In Peter Knoester's new book, Poems and Stories from the Heart, the author takes the reader on a soulful journey of his past and of life in general. Expressing himself through poems and short stories, Knoester captivates the reader in his heartfelt words. With elaborate description, the stories and poem's lines come alive, exposing our minds to 'naked trees' on that 'fine Sunday morning.'

Using personal life experiences and events shared with him by others, Peter Knoester provides a deep perspective for those searching for a way out of hard times. Whether suffering from divorce, abandonment, drug problems, or any other of life's struggles, this book will give hope and reassurance that there are happier and better times waiting right around the corner. Peter Knoester's words allow readers to evaluate their own difficult situations and to look deep inside themselves for peace and self-confidence.

An inspiring read, Poems and Stories from the Heart is an intimate look at the past in Knoester's life. Providing a stirring collection of poems and stories that are relevant to everyone, Peter Knoester shows his readers that there is always someone out there who understands and is able to help through even the worst of life's situations.

Poems and Stories from the Heart, with the ISBN 978-1609760762, is a paperback with 24 pages published by Eloquent Books. It is available at,, and almost everywhere books are sold. Peter Knoester was born in The Netherlands, in the city of The Hague. He now lives in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, and is working on two other books of poetry and stories.

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