Chocolate Fondue Challenge with Cool PRIZES

Chocolate Fondue Challenge with Cool PRIZES

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    • avatar KAYCEE & RACHEL in WONDERLAND 2

      MERMAIDS OF THE SEA Travel Vlog to Palawan

      • avatar Monique Hillhouse 1

        dont say thats too much chocolate you fatty and also your face looks like a horse

        • avatar Mohamed Faizal 1

          do the soup challenge please please

          • avatar Adriyanna Love 1

            can you come and pick me up for my birthday please my name is Adriyanna Cladd and my birthday is on

            • avatar Travis Yeo 0

              I like nom nom too

              • avatar Hạnh Đỗ 2


                • avatar john sinio 1

                  I wish you have 2 million sub because you are the best

                  • avatar Siti Aisyah 1

                    The w

                    • avatar Arturas Dambrauskas 1


                      • avatar lindley millora 2

                        Kaycee didn't get the best one Rachel did marshmallow was the best not strawberry

                        • avatar Kareng Buleleng 0

                          KC you're so OA!!!!…

                          • avatar Migz Santino 2


                            • avatar ام فيصل 1


                              • avatar Grace Palisoc 1

                                it make's me hungry

                                • avatar Tanu KOMBEKAR 1

                                  I want you to do the white chocolate fondue challenge

                                  • avatar Huilana Sebastiao 1

                                    Rachel you are so cute and Casey you're being so nice to you little sister🤓

                                    • avatar AlghiTheGamer HD 0