Choosing For Body Piercing Retainers

Few days back my cousin got a lip piercing done. That time she was not knowing that job vacancy she had applied a month back would give her an interview call this time. Now she was tensed as how to appear with her lip barbell. The best thing at this time she could find help with were piercing retainers. These retainers are also types of jewelry and are available with any piercing supplies shop. These are both for preventive and hiding the pierced closure purposes. Many a times when required for medical examination these are used to hide the piercing and sometimes when you are in the process of healing of the pierced area these retainers works well. These hide the piercing along with not letting it to close.

Just like you do have choice in type of piercing and body jewelry the same applies with retainers. They are also available according to the type of piercing and also need the same considerations that applies while choosing the jewelry.

The best types of retainers that provide you best hide without any infections are:

* Bioplast o PTFE retainers: These are flexible made of inert plastics, moldable. Bio compatible and safe for medical procedures. They are also good for navel piercing during pregnancy or in sports activities. Bioplast push fit retainers are commonly used for Labret piercing.

* Nitrite silicon O – rings and silicon rubber O-rings-These are suitable for tunnels and all flesh plugs and comes in sizes from 1mm to 1.6 mm. These are cheap and apt for stretch piercings.

* Transparent retainers- Apt for nose piercing and in conditions of pregnancy. These come as clear studs available in different designs as nose screw or nose pins to fit in the area of piercing as long you required.

* Septum retainers-Made in titanium, steel or surgical steel these retainers come in a variety of designs to work as per your requirements and type of piercing.

*Tongue retainers- Acrylic or Bioflex type of these retainers are super discreet to hide your piercing and comers I range of designs.

Whatever type you choose you need to remember that these retainers are best to use only after six months of your piercing done. Else they may cause infection. These come in sizes of your jewelry to match the area of the piercing. Best one to choose are those that are durable, soft and flexible. You get an array of such supplies of shops for body jewelry in Australia.

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