1. Serena Frew Serena Frew

    did anyone else see something at 12:34 in the video (the bit where she was recording her screen) ? AWKWARD

  2. EnIaify EnIaify

    I do get your point about your new insta Account and i totally Love it!

  3. Maisie-Leah Jones Maisie-Leah Jones

    The white dress you showed at the beginning looks lovely on you! X

  4. Sliding Doors Sliding Doors

    Lily! Your new account is such a throw back and great! Can't believe you didn't think it'd get all the props it deserves. I found your blog looking for style inspo when I started uni (like 6 years ago now) and I remember LIVING for your outfit posts. So happy to be able to see more of these! eeeee! Keep slaying (:

  5. Jess Dickens Jess Dickens

    GOD YOU'RE A LEGAND!! "Your top is from fucking top shop" haha so many wankers won't tell you, I don't know how many times I've asked 'YouTubers' 'bloggers' where things are from and they don't answer you.. fuck off I'm famous lol lol. A at 6:41 nose, stop it haha xx

  6. Megan Ballard Megan Ballard

    I love a lily vlog because it's just so real

  7. marilyn_eng marilyn_eng

    I have the same phobia, that people hate me. It's weird cause u do know there are people who love u and wanna spend time with you and u can't really explain why u feel that way. But when it comes to social media, i kinda get it cause u don't know people in person therefore it makes that feeling more intense. I know the followers u get it's just a number, but it does signify your great work, effort and dedication, hence the success of yr new insta account 💕 much love from cyprus 🇨🇾

  8. Weenie BoBeenie Weenie BoBeenie

    I love to see more lifestyle vlogs.

  9. Jamie Nicole Jamie Nicole


  10. Kit YK Kit YK

    if ur the type of person who forgets to drink water and needs a reminder like me, there's an app called plant nanny 🙂 every time u drink water, it waters a virtual plant and u can name them and watch them grow, it's super cute!!

  11. Steph Campbell Steph Campbell

    of course we're following the new gram, because you're bloody awesome! xx

  12. cheerful Chelsea cheerful Chelsea

    What foundation are you using at the moment? Your makeup looks so good!

  13. jade tan jade tan

    Commenting again because the makeup look is REALLY PRETTY please do a tutorial!!

  14. jade tan jade tan

    I LOVE makeup look at 12:00 it looks so fresh!! Please share how you did it❤️❤️❤️❤️

  15. Sarah Bates Sarah Bates

    You are just so effortlessly cool and I have to say I just love the Whatlilywears insta xx

  16. I Z M R I Z M R

    I love your vlogs lily, they really cheer me up 💕

  17. Jenny Sutcliffe Sings Jenny Sutcliffe Sings

    Hey Lily, usual silent viewer here! Just wanted to ask where you got your piercing done? I'm coming to Brighton in June for my birthday and thought I might add to my collection! (ps. you just said you are pretty today and yes you are!!! every day ha) x

  18. Stina Egeberg Stina Egeberg

    Hi Lily I don't think I have ever commented before, I have watched for years. Anyway I just wanted to say your hair with the lighter roots is so pretty on you! And I followed your new Insta account when you mentioned it in this vlog- great idea! Love the red dress outfit ❤️ "The Hannah Outfit"

  19. Ashley Connell Ashley Connell

    "Life truly begins when they stop liking you." LOL Love that.
    You two are so funny together. A genuine friendship!

    Btw — I totally get those anxious feelings about going certain places by myself and I always feel silly afterward. And the thing is, I never judge someone else when I see people out and about doing things solo, but for some reason I just overthink the situation and get a bit worked up. You're not alone, Lily! 🙂

  20. Miranda Miranda

    OMG Lily, this dress is gorgeous on you!


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