Comedy Oakland Presents

Comedy Oakland Presents
Featuring the best comedians from the Bay Area and beyond, with appearances on Comedy Central, HBO, Late Night talk shows, and performances on every habitable continent, Comedy Oakland brings you a hilarious lineup of comedians every week! No drink minimums, no ticket fees, no tolls, no parking hassles - just great comedy and food! The venue is not wheelchair accessible. You will have to walk up a flight of stairs. FAQs HOW CAN I FIND OUT WHO IS PERFORMING?Check our calendar page CAN I ORDER FOOD AND DRINKS AT THE SHOW?​​YES. Food and drinks are available for purchase during the show. We do not enforce any minimums. We recommend arriving earlier for dinner (30-60 minutes before show time). We serve mouth-watering, globally inspired cuisine, and good food takes time to cook. Arrive early, give yourself the time to relax and enjoy the meal. During the show serving appetizers, desserts, and drinks is easier. CAN MY GROUP SIT TOGETHER?If your group has bought tickets under 1 name we will reserve group seating for you. If tickets are purchased by separate people then email your group size and we will reserve group seating for you. Arrive early to ensure your group occupies the reserved seats. If you aren't in your seats at least 15 minutes before show time we cannot guarantee your group seating. IS THERE ANY AGE RESTRICTION?​​We recommend 18+. If you are under 18 and accompanied by an adult who doesn’t mind it, we won’t mind it. If you are too young to sit quietly in one place for 90 minutes we’ll be happy to to tie you to your chair and tape your mouth during the show. IS THERE A DRESS CODE?​​As long as you wear something, we don't care what you wear. WHAT ARE THE HOUSE RULES?​​No video recording. No flash photography. No talking / texting / socializing on your phones during the show. No Alpacas. WHAT IS YOUR REFUND / CANCELLATION / TRANSFER POLICY?We will refund your tickets minus any applicable fees as much as possible. If a show is cancelled we will inform everyone as soon as we know and refund the full amount. We are unable to transfer tickets from one show to another on Eventbrite. If you need to transfer your purchase to a different show just initiate a refund request, we will process it, and you can purchase your tickets again. WHAT IF I HAVE A QUESTION THAT IS STILL NOT ANSWERED?​​Who do you think you are? My mother? Do you really need to know everything? Okay, just email and we’ll be happy to answer it for you.

at Spice Monkey Cafe
1628 webster
Oakland, United States

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