1. tyler jonhson tyler jonhson

    dump diarrhea for the whole family. dump right in my face. suck the turds right out of the dump. do it today.

  2. Reynolds Slater Reynolds Slater

    Well damn

  3. Lily Kabilly Lily Kabilly

    These are freakin perfect for college

  4. Star Cherry Star Cherry

    I wish that she were my grandmother

  5. AllAmericanGuy01 AllAmericanGuy01

    She can't cook! She's throwing canned goods in a pot and heating them up

  6. Danny Alves Danny Alves

    This was some high octane shit

  7. Kes Sharann Kes Sharann

    5 ingredients? More like 50. All those package mixes have a couple dozen ingredients each.

  8. samutubeaccount samutubeaccount

    I love this !!!!!!!! 😀 just take a whole bunch of boxed sulfates and make an epic crap meal, I mean dump meal, I mean crap food, I mean no nutrition boxed dumps… I mean body destroying preservatives… oh i give up my keyboard is miss typing today, I meant delicious meals for your loving family… Just like grandma used to make 😉

  9. crabtrap crabtrap

    buy my book "5 EZ steps to DIABETES!"

  10. Dorothy  Crocker Dorothy Crocker

    my free gift

  11. FreedomWorkShop FreedomWorkShop

    Any recipe where the instructions include the words: "and dump in" ..can't be good for you.

  12. OrangeTabbyCat OrangeTabbyCat

    I'm sorry but that is not cooking and nobody needs a cookbook for cooking with cans and ready made mixes. To be honest that is what all Europeans think US cooking is like. No thanks. Go to Laura in the kitchen, that is cooking and a lot of recipes don't take much longer to prepare.

  13. ready net ready net

    I'll bet she will sell you a fake green skillet that nothing will not stick a lying btch


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