Dance Camp ” Moana”

Dance Camp " Moana"
During the summer will offer 6 weeks of dance classes all ages and Summer Camps for 2-9 year old
Our Summer Preschool class is 1/2 hour of ballet and 1/2 hour of tumbling from 4-5 pm ages 3 & 4 Our combo class is 1/2 hour ballet & 1/2 hour tap from 5-6 pm on Wednesdays The Start Date is 21st and ends July 26th. For the 6 week course the cost is per 1 hour class.
Summer camps are Monday - Friday
June 19-23 is "Zoo" Camp and June 26-30 is "Alphabet Soup" Camp times are 9 am to noon with a small show on the last day of camp from 11:30-12
For 6-9 year old we have Beauty and the beast June 19-23 & “Moana” June 26th – 30th - 9:30-12:30 with a shown on the last day from 12-12:30
Camps include Dance, Music, Craft, snack time and more.
Cost is per day 0 for one week or 2 camps is 0

There is a fee to hold your spot for camps or classes.
You can Mail or bring in your registration along with the following information
Child's Name:
Child's Age:
Child's DOB:
Any Allergies or Medical Concerns?
Parents Name:
Phone #
Emergency Contact::
Email address
Classes you wish to attend:

at Dussich Dance Studio
125 Imperial Street
Merritt Island, United States

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