Dem Bones

Dem Bones
Music Industry

It’s said that most people have a skeleton or two in their closet – but I just wasn’t sure what mine were or even where the closet was. Whilst we were out doing some paste ups we came across a piece on Sclater Street by Skeleton Cardboard. After taking a couple of steps past the piece a thought jumped into my tiny mind; ‘That’s a big skeleton. We have something featuring skeletons on it. This seems like an ideal opportunity to get our skeleton out of the clost. Stop! It’s skeleton time!’

After approving of this train of thought we pulled up, located our skeleton wheatpaste and slapped it on the wall. Now there’s a few skeletons and they’re all out of the closet. In fact they are all very charming, chatty and willing to talk for as many hours as you’d engage them on just about any subject from the current state of the music industry (which somehow they seemed very clued up on) to the implications of harnessing solar energy for future missions to the edge of the galaxy (their knowledge on this subject left a little to be desired).



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