Different Self Defense Options For Women

Self-defense is a very important topic for all people. Crime is something that is always going to be around and criminals are becoming more and more wily and coming up with new ways to attack people and take their things. For women, the chance of being sexually attacked and raped is another serious problem and something that occurs all over the world daily. Whilst you may sit back and think that something like that would never happen to you, it is something that requires your serious consideration and thoughts.

Whilst men are at risk of attack, women are more so. An attack is most likely to occur at night when it is dark and so steps need to be taken to ensure that you have done all that you can to avoid anyplace where you might be attacked. Never go anywhere alone at night and always make sure that you stay in well-lit areas. Avoid things like side streets and any vegetated areas where you might be in great danger of attack. Also, if you are going on a night out then try to limit your drinking and not get too drunk.

There are a number of different ways in which you can defend yourself. One thing that you can do is to take self defense classes and to make sure that you know certain ways of protecting yourself against any would be attacker using only your arms and legs. You will be taught about techniques designed to focus on any attackers weak points such as their eyes and groin.

It is important that you also ensure that you are always carrying protection in the form of different devices. First of all, try to get yourself a stun gun. These are one of the most popular items on the market to use and are endorsed by police officers all over the world. They are designed to deliver a high voltage charge that is non lethal and will allow you to escape and to alert the proper authorities.

Something very similar to a stun gun that you might want to consider is a taser. This can be shot from up to about 20 feet from the attacker and also serves to shock them with a high volts charge.

Another option would be to get yourself a mace or pepper spray. These devices have been used for years and are excellent ways of defending yourself from a close contact attack. There are many different types of spray that you can get to fit into your handbag. Due to the fact that any attacker will be wary of the fact that you may have a spray on you, they have also been designed to be hidden in things like pens or even rings that are right to hand in-case of attack. These sprays will force the attackers eyes to shut for half an hour is delivered to their face, which will give you plenty of time to escape.

Last of all, you might even consider carrying a knife as a self-defense product. You can get ones that are specifically designed as self-defense, although these sorts of options should be at the bottom of your shopping list due to the height of knife crime.

It is therefore a great idea to make sure that you carry with you a self-defense device as well as learning some basic martial arts techniques to ward off any would be attacker.

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