Effective Use Of Wall Art Decor In Home Decoration

Art objects can be excellent accents to any home wall decoration, and statues of any size can be placed where that special atmosphere is needed. There are numerous possibilities for making a home uniquely yours, and some of the following ideas may help you decide exactly what is needed.

At first consideration, rugs are not usually thought of as art deco, but this is far from true. Rugs have been highly sought after for thousands of years by high nobles as items to be displayed as if they were fine art paintings. An example would be Persian rugs, which can be very expensive, but others could be needlepoint and offer that little something extra to finish out the room.

The art of craftsmen who make fabulous light fixtures provide a crown for the room while lamp shades can create the mood, while also being able to focus attention to a specific spot of interest. Reflections and shadowing can change an area into a mystical wonderland. Artistic candle holders can light a pathway with their own beauty and be there when you need them in an emergency.

Mirrors are the essence of magic and when artistically used can turn a small room into many rooms, and specially etched mirrors make an impression that is unforgettable. Panels of wall mirrors can be used to give depth, while wall mirrors provide extra accent. Unique art found in clocks, or wrought iron works can bring all items in a room together and complete the effect you wanted to achieve.

Watercolor prints art, acrylic paintings art and oil paintings art can be impressive and provide an acclamation of respect for art and artist. Any wall that needs adornment can display a painting that goes with the rest of the accents in a room. Shadow box framing has its own effect on both the artistic painting as well as the influence of light. Curios could be displayed in artistic shadow boxes and show off those small family heirlooms.

Tapestries can be breathtaking when properly displayed. They not only bring a surprise to the room, they can make a statement that only cloth can add by making a room seem cozy are charming, or crisp and cool. There are many types of fabric art and they help maintain the room temperature. These can actually lower your utility bill by retaining heat or cold. These art forms are woven into the decor with fabulous scenes, and some are geometric with unique patterns that can add a certain symmetry to the room.

An entrance way can become spell binding with a Fresco wall art decor and make an impression which sets the mood for the rest of your home. Theater masks, and tribal accents can be additions which capture the eye and provide pleasing details. All types of pieces of artwork can be used for expression and reveal the intent of the decorator.

Vases and planters are considered art and provide places for flowers which help brighten and freshen the entire house. Making good use of such things as artistic fire screens and room dividers can offer more than utility of purpose. They can provide that finished look that says you take pride in your home decoration.

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