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Life of the current generation is fast, evolving and needless to say, busy. But there are many who despite hectic work schedule, wouldn’t want to miss their favourite TV programme. Mobile LIVE TV apps seem to be boon for those who are always on the move and yet want to be loyal TV watchers. One such mobile live tv streaming App is Ditto TV which lets you watch your favourite TV show on your smartphone, at your own convenience.

What’s even more convenient is its availability. Ditto TV is available on all major mobile platforms like iOS, Android, Windows, BlackBerry and Nokia, making it compatible with almost all major smartphones and tablets available in the market today. For example, the iPhone users can download Ditto’s iphone tv app, iPad users can download the ipad tv app and the Android phone/tablet user can download the android tv app.

Ditto TV app starts with five options on its home screen–information, TV shows, my account, live TV and movies. The first option provides news and information on weather. It app lists segments such as live TV, TV shows and movies; while some segments are offered free, users have to pay upto Rs 60 to access others. Using a single account, you can use Ditto TV on any two devices, which means you can switch between PC, tablet and mobile phone.

The TV shows category has a large number of shows’ titles, it allows you to watch kaun banega crorepati online; it also lists some international shows. In addition to live Hindi TV channels, the app has TV shows in south Indian languages. For the TV shows and movies categories, a user can browse title sections such as action, comedy and fiction and can also choose from sections such as ‘recommended’ and ‘free’. The TV shows section is in the beta mode. When you select a movie/show to watch, Ditto TV provides a trailer, a synopsis and information on the cast and crew.

It provides information on the programmes that are going to be telecast within 24 hours. It also lets the user change video quality according to Internet speed, screen size, etc.

Ditto TV brings Live TV in mobile, tablets and PC. With access to a wide range of TV channels, Ditto TV ensures that your favourite entertainment is never far from you.

So whether you are travelling to office, hiking outdoors, doing a train journey, there’s no reason to miss your favourite TV shows, soccer matches or movies etc.

Gone are those days when the big bold mobile instruments with minimum features were in trend. Today the cell phone has far surpassed its role as a voice/text medium. It is now your camera, video player, internet devices, personal organizer, banker as well as your TV on the go!

Amol Shinde – SEO Expert in SocioSquare : A digital agency with a social mind! To watch online mobile tv & mobile live tv streaming please visit Ditto TV.

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