Equipment And Supplies For Your Hotdog Stand Business

If you intend to set up a new hotdog stand, you will have to invest approximately $ 4000 to $ 7000 by way of expenses for the stand, cooking paraphernalia, coolers and other equipment. A complete, customized trailer could cost you about $ 10000.

The budget conscious among you could source out second hand equipments which are easily available at half the normal price or even lower.

It is also a good idea to take the necessary equipments on lease so that you could save your capital for other essential requirements. The payment can be remitted in easy installments and moreover, the advantage of this type of scheme is that you can make an exit whenever you feel like closing down the business.

Another option available is to build your own hotdog stand. There are several sites which sell specific plans that aids in building hotdog stands. If you are of a technical mind, you could build the stand on your own by referring to such plans and the total cost would come to around $ 1000 only.

This article deals with the equipments and supplies that are required by a hotdog stand.

You definitely need a stand or a cart for your hotdog vending business. While the stand is made of stainless steel, the cart normally have a set of wheels on one end and two legs on the other for ease of use.

An ideal stand should have washing up facilities as well as tanks to store clean water and collect waste water. Moreover, it should be towable too.

In the normal way, hotdog stands make use of LPG or propane as fuel though diesel too is another option. A fire extinguisher can be installed for your safety.

If you are catering outdoors, your stand will require protection from the elements of weather. For this, it could be fitted with protective measures like umbrellas, awnings, shades, etc.

Cooking equipments include steamers, broilers, and grills necessary for preparing hotdogs.

If you are planning to operate from a crowded locality with lots of potential customers, make sure that you have sufficient storage area to stock up spare food items.

Condiment dispensers are required to dole out sauces and so are storage/display facilities for these dispensers if you provide the option to customers to help themselves.

Although hotdog carts do have coolers installed, these become insufficient to stock up cool beverages on a hot summer day. In that case, an extra cooler would come in handy.

You will also need to have access to knives, cutting boards and cutlery too.

It helps in displaying your beverages, salads, etc in a convenient way so that customers are tempted to purchase them. Snacks like chips can be hung from racks so as to be seen easily by customers.

Gloves, napkins, foil bags etc are required to handle food and serve it while cleaning equipments like soap and towels should also be purchased.

While a cash register is required for big trailers, you will have to buy a money box which can be locked up for safety and secured to your cart, to put in your earnings.

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