“Every child is an artist”

“Every child is an artist”

Filmmaking is an effective outlet for any person’s creativity, thoughts and emotions. Apart from bringing out the inner world of a human being, filmmaking encourages the development of other vital skills such as collaboration, patience and empathy.

Montclare Children’s School, a private preschool for children ages 2 to 4 in the Upper West Side of Manhattan, NYC, recentley explored the various ways in which filmmaking can bring out the artist not just in adults, but in toddlers as well.

The West Side preschool has teamed up with Writopia Lab; an organization that hosts creative workshops, to enable its four-year olds to be involved in a story-telling/filmmaking project.

The project involves activities and instructional sessions regarding the various aspects of film-making including:

* The mechanics of story-telling

* Operating iPads, cameras and tripods

* Learning to shoot self-portraits

* Acting in front of the camera

* Telling a story effectively via film

There are numerous aspects in which the students got involved with the project:

* Narrative building using imagination

The children learn how to build a narrative. The instructor models for them the art of employing one’s imagination to create a setting, characters and plot.

* Language development

Language skills are developed as the students use language to create plots, characters and dialogues.

* Exploration with technology

This upper west side preschool introduces kids as young as four to technology. The kids learn how to use iPads, cameras and tripods.

* Encouraging creativity and an individualistic perspective

One of the key features of filmmaking or any other form of creative activity is to value the uniqueness of the creator’s thought process and imagination.

The children are given space to come up with their own ideas and shoot films from their individualistic perspective.

* Patience, collaboration and support

Kids learn how to await their turn, collaborate with their peers and support each other in the filmmaking process.

Working in a team is an essential life skill and thus, the earlier the child starts to learn to collaborate, the more experience and confidence they will gain in this respect.

* Social and emotional development

Working as a team, children develop social skills and qualities such as helpfulness and the willingness (and eagerness) to share an experience together. When the kids create characters and storylines, they relate to those imaginary characters in order to drive the story forward. This fosters the inculcation of empathy within the child.

As a widely-acclaimed private preschool in the Upper West Side, Montclare Children’s Preschool seem to offer its students a plethora of opportunities to help contribute to their overall growth and development. To know more about this exciting filmmaking project undertaken by the school, visit this link:

The author is an NY journalist who specializes in covering feature stories about ‘children and learning’.

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