Fashion Style Princess Celestia

Fashion Style Princess Celestia
Fashion Style

Numero cinco. Or Fashion Style doll number five. I must have a knack for finding these things….

This is the Princess Celestia version, and is also part of the Pony Royal Wedding collection.

As with the other dolls I got originally, did some styling work, tried to get her mane show accurate (sadly failed again) then put on her accessories.

Again, these dolls are hard to find in Australia, and when is floating around for sale, they go for crazy prices!

WARNING: As with my other works (Cecilia), this warning also applies here. If you don’t like seeing these sort of pictures, then it might be wise to leave this page.

Trolls and haters who want to cause trouble will be dealt with, so don’t try and do it. If you don’t like it, don’t view it. Simple.

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