Fattoush Salad (Healthy Salad) recipe

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    • avatar Akh Ila 1

      what's that leafy vegetable

      • avatar Akh Ila 0

        Can we store this salad

        • avatar Ramya 525 1


          • avatar Aziz Habib 1

            Really the best salad. Big respect from Afghanistan. Thank you

            • avatar zilda hijazin 0

              That's not fattoush

              • avatar Jenna love 1

                I just want someone to cook for me everyday

                • avatar Mariam Bauda 1

                  actually am not eating any kind of vegetables. ……but i like to make salad and it is delicious 😂 weird right! !!!i do but i let my friends to eat it .i try to make this and oH M G .it is successful my friends say yes it is good …..that's why thank u for this video 😚😚😚😚😚😚

                  • avatar Sylwia Stepien 2


                    • avatar HappyMuslim Wife 2

                      Masha Allah looks great! I'm going to make it for my husband in sha Allah.

                      • avatar Souha Ghali 1

                        sorry but this is not fattoush at alll !

                        • avatar ruby arinduga 1

                          a healthy food i want try to make this…

                          • avatar Kimmy San Juan 1

                            im drooling… 😢😢😢

                            • avatar ThagZhen DhelRile 1

                              i want to copy all dfferents salad thanks for the author. for that dish

                              • avatar Deepa Gowda 1

                                it look amazing but… mint leaves we can't eat it raw…. it look colourfull but we can't eat it… radish wil b too hot to eat without cooked….

                                • avatar Srinivas Iyer 2

                                  wow..that looks amazing

                                  • avatar Santa 1

                                    this is defiantly not Fattoush idk who lied to this lady.

                                    • avatar Francisco Urenda 1

                                      i wasnt to sure about this in the beginning, but once she started mixing it, OH MY GOODNESS!! Looks so good. And your chopping skills are impeccable. Great job.

                                      • avatar Gigie Balisi 1


                                        • avatar Ehtisham Muhammad 1

                                          easy to make n healthy