Feel Full With These 5 Nutritious, Low-Calorie Foods (You Won’t Believe One Of Them!)

When folks decide to lose weight by going on a diet, they often find that they're constantly dealing with hunger, threatening to force them off the diet. It's a generally accepted maxim that you must use more calories during the day than you consume through eating. You don't want to struggle with hunger all day long, but you don't want to overeat, either.

You should be able to feel full with these foods and not be tempted to give in hunger pangs and break your diet.

1. Fish - 150 to 200 Calories / Serving

Count on fish to do a good job of filling you up while providing a nutritious, low-calorie meal. In fact, of all the meats available, fish is the most filling of all! Fish also have fewer calories per ounce than other meats like chicken, pork or beef.

Don't assume, though, that breaded, fried fish is an acceptable food on a weight loss diet. Keep in mind that the breading and batters so often employed in fried fish recipes are loaded with calories, and even the frying process can add calories. Try baked, broiled or grilled fish for a hot meal, or for a delicious alternative, a nice light salad with bits of cooked tuna or salmon sprinkled throughout. You can highlight certain flavors with the judicious use of spices and seasonings.

2. Oranges and Apples - About 40 Calories / Serving

This may seem like a surprising choice - fruits aren't generally thought of as low-calorie, filling foods. Fruit isn't usually a dieter's first choice when they feel hungry. These fruits are just plain good for you, with a host of nutrients and vitamins and natural sugars. In addition, they're chock full of dietary fiber, which is great news for dieters because it keeps them feeling full for a long time.

Non-round fruits like bananas can also make you feel full, but they have about twice the calories as round fruits.

3. Grapes - 50 Calories / Serving

Grapes are excellent snacks in a weight loss diet for the same reasons as apples and oranges. The high level of fiber they contain helps to keep you feeling full, and the grapes themselves are portable and easy to eat. Very convenient, highly portable, usually not at all messy and delicious to boot, grapes are a nearly-perfect snack food that will keep you feeling full much longer than any commercial preparation full of processed sweeteners.

4. Whole Wheat Pasta - 300 Calories / Serving

Pasta is one of those comfort foods hungry people crave! I'm not talking about white pasta, though. Whole wheat pasta is much healthier and is much better at filling you up than the white pasta you usually see in grocery stores.

Whole wheat pasta fills you up better because it contains much more dietary fiber than white pasta, which has also had most of its nutrients processed out. Portion size is critical with pasta, though, because it's so easy to overeat. To fill up and feel comfortable until your next meal, try a portion of pasta about the size of your fist.

5. Steak - 300 Calories / Serving

Yes, this really is an article about low-calorie, filling, nutritious food! A lean piece of beefsteak fits right into a nutritious weight-loss diet - as long as it's not smothered in high-calorie sauces. Many high-protein dieters, such as those who follow the Atkins Diet, have been aware of this for a long time. Of all the low-calorie meats available to a weight loss diet, stead is second only to fish in terms of desirability. Lean cuts of beef, of course, are preferable because you will reduce your fat intake.

Controlling the size of your servings, of course, is crucial to the success of using low-calorie foods like these. These delicious low-calorie delicacies will definitely help you feel full faster, and for a greater length of time, but that doesn't justify going overboard, either. By all means, explore the wide world of healthy, nutrient-dense foods and try them. Just keep in mind that portion control is always a critical part of a healthy diet. It won't be long at all before you've got a beach-ready body!

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