Firefly Festival

Firefly Festival
Get outdoors to witness the spectacular sight of synchronous fireflies by the thousands in the tree tops below High Bridge. Meet a ranger guide for a brief explanation of these wonderful, luminous insects. The crescent moon this year will provide little interference with the excellent dark contrast of the star-field above and the living "stars" around and below you. A collection of insects will be available to examine, and light traps will be set to attract local insects for identification. Last year we attracted several kinds of giant silk worm moths, including a perfect mint-green luna moth. Visitors have close access to the program from Camp Paradise Road on the Prince Edward County side of High Bridge or arrive at our River Road parking area in Cumberland County by 8:30 p.m. in order to have enough time to walk the mile to High Bridge. The program is free, but a .00 parking fee applies at both parking lots. Be sure to bring water and be prepared to stay out after dark. For more information contact the park office at 434-315-0457 or email Location detail: On High Bridge at the Appomattox River Overlook

at High Bridge Trail State Park
316-398 N Main St
Farmville, United States

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