Frozen Anna vs Hans Sour Challenge Sour Candy and Food. Totally TV

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    • avatar DisneyPrincessToysFan 1

      bad Hans

      • avatar kelly Rai 0

        I liked the airheads xtream it was long and colourful

        • avatar remo Mohamed 1

          Hans cheated I saw him blink and open so Anna won the whole challenge🥇

          • avatar AL Franklin 1

            you should do the try not to laugh challenge

            • avatar melissa jackson 2

              I love your videos so so much and I really want to be like you gise and right now I am learning how to be a youtuber.

              • avatar Chloe W. 1

                Anna's make up was horrible

                • avatar Nelson Vanessa 1

                  My brother loves loves sour things

                  • avatar Minette Dzaba 2

                    I know who loves the person who loves the who loves the person who has a crush on Hans Jean Barlow. by Estelle-Williams.

                    • avatar M.C Yerks 1


                      • avatar Grace Hill 1

                        btw Hans you look funny when you wear makeup and I have tasted sourpatch gum