General Survey of Philosophy Facial Products

Philosophy cosmetics were first sold on television as a brand of creams and cleansers developed by dermatologists. Today, the brand has expanded to include makeup, fragrance, hair care and bath and body wash products.

The cosmetics and makeup line of the brand is fairly new – so, what are some of the best products? What are some of the worst products? Are they worth the price? For the answers to these questions and more, keep reading.


Philosophy cosmetics typically cost about twice as much as your standard drugstore brand, but they’re also significantly cheaper than most others found in a high-end department store. For example, a small tub of foundation powder may cost you around $ 35. And while those aren’t Target-like prices, they’re significantly less than what you’d expect to pay for, say, an Estee Lauder brand foundation.

Ease of Use

Overall, Philosophy has put out a fairly standard line of cosmetics – nothing that’s too far out of the box. Customers will find lip liners, gloss, eye makeup and foundation along with a few accessories like brushes. The bulk of the line is designed to be applied without tools or brushes, something that’s easier for some, but a drawback for others.

Cosmetic Quality

Philosophy’s lineup of creams, facial moisturizers and body washes have won several awards from Glamour magazine, the Best of Sephora series and more. As a result, the brand has proven its commitment to quality, which certainly shows in their cosmetic lines. The products go on well, are long-lasting and look great.

As for the color choices, Philosophy didn’t take any risks here – the palette of their cosmetics is built around neutrals and soft tones intended to compliment the skin tone, not fight it. It’s a classic look, but not very daring.

Products to Look For and Those to Avoid

Probably the best selling product in the Philosophy lineup is the Supernatural Foundation with an SPF 15 rating. It’s a powder foundation that goes on smooth and provides both coverage and sun protection – making it a great choice for someone who wants a light finish.

Probably the worst Philosophy makeup product is their Big Gorgeous Eyes Mascara. Compared to the lift and extension provided by some of the better brands (like the amazing Clinique eye-popping mascara), this just doesn’t cut it. Lashes get a little extension and a touch more color, but the impact is minimal and the results just aren’t worth $ 22.


In short, Philosophy cosmetics are a quality make. Women may want to stay away from the brow and mascara products, but they’ll find a winner with the loose powder foundation. The selection is pretty limited, however the price is right and the overall quality is certainly there.

If you seek an attractive look for a relatively modest price, you won’t go wrong here. The company’s more popular line of products has appeal over a wide range of women’s tastes.

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