Glassware Collectible Items

In today’s world there are all sorts of items that are deemed to be collectible. From pins to postcards, calendars, cars, and anything in between, there is no shortage to what one can decide to collect. One item that has become a very popular collectible is glassware. Glassware includes all sorts of things such as drinkware, items made of crystal, glass bowls, and others. They are perfect to collect and can be added to your china cabinet or some other display that you use to show off your collectibles.

Below are some of the most popularly collected glassware items. Of course you’ll be able to choose which items you will find most enjoyable to collect.

Antique bottles

Bottles are a long-time collectible item. From soda bottles to milk bottles and even perfume bottles, this type of glassware is often found in antique shops. Most of the time these collectibles are well-aged from decades ago and are items no longer made. It’s rare nowadays to find milk bottles being delivered to someone’s front door!

Crystal vases

Crystal vases don’t exactly have to be antiqued to be worth collecting. In fact any type of glassware made out of crystal is definitely worth holding onto. Not only are these pieces of glassware beautiful to look at, they are elegant and can add a touch of class to any house. Crystal glassware of all types is a very special and common collectible item.

Glass dinnerware

Though not as widely found on today’s shelves, there was a point when glass dinnerware was very popular. Glass dinnerware sparkles and shines unlike the porcelain or colored dinnerware we are used to using nowadays. If you can find a set of glass dinnerware definitely hold onto it! You’ll find that these dinnerware sets come in all sorts of designs and styles.

Often these dinnerware sets come with different sizes plates, cups, and sometimes other items. Many people will collect these glass dinnerware sets and will put them in a china hutch.

How to find collectible glassware

If you’re not new to collecting items you surely know of the various places where you can find collectibles. Start by looking in antique stores that are local to you. Keep your eyes open for any type of glassware you my spot. Also look at nearby auctions. Sometimes you will find glassware sets being auctioned off. Looking online is also a great opportunity. Look at sites such as eBay and other e-bidding websites. is a large distribution company based in Miami, Florida. They are web-based and factory-direct which allows them to keep prices lower than the rest of the competition. They also have a huge selection of promotional products from backpacks and glassware to pens and travel mugs.

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