1. 0000000Lara 0000000Lara

    You are a jew, arent you?

  2. Dawi Legoff Dawi Legoff

    It's more an Greek style salad than an actual Greek salad.

  3. Michaela Sakellari Michaela Sakellari

    This is a beautiful twist in the traditional Greek Salad! <3

  4. shevdiam5 shevdiam5

    That looks good it would make a good veggie sandwich.

  5. demetri kavoukas demetri kavoukas

    A red Head Jewish girl making what she thinks is Greek salad you know what they say red in the head fire in the hole lol

  6. Ares Kalogeropoulos Ares Kalogeropoulos

    If THAT is a Greek Salad, I am maybe from Japan.

  7. aMARKan comment aMARKan comment

    hi 🙂 im from greece and this IS NOT A GREEK SALAD it is 50% but in greek salad theres no lettuce or that what ever u put in to those onions and there big tomatoes not small freaking tomatoes….. anyway u can call it greek salad (my version) but its not greek salad end of discuasion cause ΜΕ ΑΝΩΜΑΛΟΥΣ ΕΓΩ ΔΕΝ ΜΙΛΑΩ!!! ΑΝΤΕ ΓΕΙΑ!!!

  8. Poison Okie Poison Okie

    We get it people, no lettuce or garlic in a Greek salad. This is Sarah's interpretation of a Greek salad. I don't have to go to New York City to get a New York style pizza here in Oklahoma. I read several recipes on how to make a New York style pizza and make it my own just like anyone else would do in the world. By the way I'm an Okie, what do I know, lol!

  9. Regular John Regular John

    This is not a greek salad.. There is NO LETTUCE is our Greek salads

  10. Heidy Barrie Heidy Barrie

    I love your recipes

  11. Ross Hatzis Ross Hatzis

    I am from Greece that's a joke we wouldn't give that to our chickens.

  12. jeff H jeff H

    nice video thx for posting. do you ever use a mandoline to speed up prep and get exact size thickness?  also what brand feta and olives do you get usually.

  13. stardelic stardelic

    That's not authentic, but hey it's okay!

  14. Nicole Schmotzer Nicole Schmotzer

    Love <3

  15. crazywaterz crazywaterz

    This is anything BUT Greek salad !
    Vinegar ???? Garlic?!?
    Lettuce ???
    Pulverized feta ?
    Blasphemy !!

  16. gd in99 gd in99

    This is not the authentic Greek salad. First of all, you don't have to add letuce and garlic. And if you want to eat an authentic one, you have to come here in Greece to eat a Greek salad with Greek ingredients.

  17. LittleCookingTips Panos-Mirella LittleCookingTips Panos-Mirella

    We can verify that. The authentic Greek salad, NEVER has garlic or lettuce.


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