Harsh Realities of Today’s Music Industry

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    • avatar Jeffrey Prokopowicz 1

      It still all comes down to the song (assuming you’re doing everything else to get your songs heard).

      • avatar Debangsu Banerjee 0

        Your vlogs are very informative and truthful.. Thanks brother..

        • avatar infiniteandroid 1

          …….Where Were you 15 Years Ago….. HaaHaa!!!………oh shit…….its been 25………….damn

          • avatar Wesade 1

            New subscriber

            • avatar Celeste Addams 1

              It's so sad. I spend 8 hours a day on my guitar and still no progress whereas the people I know who play guitar are 1000 times better than me but play video games during free time. Life sucks. That's why it's best for people like me to leave music as a side thing. Musicians are for smart people or for people who grew up in rich families and had parents who cared about them and taught them music.

              • avatar semiLivedj 0

                And the #1 thing, Music is not that big of a deal as it used to be. Its everywhere and you hate most of it.

                • avatar shitmandood 1

                  That's me: work full time, musician on the side. There's not much I can do about it unless I can obtain financial freedom. I'm close…feels like 5 years away.

                  • avatar Chris Stargazer 1

                    True shit…..

                    • avatar Mr. Joey 1

                      Dude, if i could id support the hell out of you on patreon. Best music channel of all time, never watched these types of videos without getting bored, but this shit is great

                      • avatar timothytimmons 1

                        music is not what i do. it's who i am.

                        • avatar Matthew Mills 1

                          jealous of your hair and beard ):

                          • avatar Nick Samuel 1

                            I think what you meant to say for the last one was supposed to be "a piece of paper don't mean SHIT when it comes to making good music, and it doesn't guarantee you'll get any further than somebody who hasn't graduated highschool"

                            • avatar Walter Webb 1

                              Painfully brilliant.

                              • avatar Kaelan McAlpine 1

                                So basically be a great drummer, learn how to produce and/or mix music, learn to write music. This is gonna be hard.

                                • avatar Kaelan McAlpine 1

                                  "You need to be a Jack of All Trades."
                                  That explains why half of every popular musician is a Gemini.

                                  • avatar John Bissonnette 1

                                    Rich kids rule the music.

                                    • avatar kristof herme 0

                                      the key to success is a killer track and keep making those killer tracks.. but everybody who makes music these days think they have it… 25 years ago i was thinking this way and i came to the conclusion that i am not as good as the rest, ,otherwise everybody would be a Michael Jackson… and my opinion the quality of the music these days is more lessss then it use to be in the early days when you listen to songs;arrangement,singing

                                      • avatar Abank Imanbrata 0

                                        Thank you for this video.