Having a Closer Look at the 4 Most Favorite Italian Cuisines in the World

Italian cuisine is popular for its simplicity and fullness of taste influenced by its geographical location. The popularity of Italian dishes worldwide is brought about by the numerous interplay and blends of organically grown vegetables, zesty cheese, delicious spices, and fresh seafood. As a matter of fact, the following gastronomic delights from Italy are not only a must in every Italian bistro's food selection, but also a must-try for each foodie.

Pizza: Round Dough of Toppings and Happiness

Just before there were pizza places and quick deliveries, Italians in the past century were already enjoying this oven-baked bread. Topped with cheese, delicious sauce, and various other toppings like mushrooms, ham, olives, and tomato, pizza has become a favorite for all age groups of customers. Children really love their cheesy and sweet slices, whereas grownups go for multiple toppings that explode with texture and taste.

Pasta: Delicious Sauces and Shapes

Other than spaghetti, macaroni, or lasagna, what other types of pasta do you know? There are close to 600 pasta shapes globally. Commonly, Italian pasta dishes are presented with either a cream or tomato-based sauce, minced meat, and sprinkled with spices and herbs for a special pizazz.

Risotto: Rice Flavored in a Hundred Different Ways

If you're a foodie searching for an authentic dining experience in an Italian restaurant NYC food bloggers or gastronomists are recommending, there are several establishments for you to select from. If you want to drift away from the usual pizza and pasta, try out the popular Risotto. It's a rice dish that's cooked to a stew-like consistency and can be seasoned with a range of ingredients that are in season. Most of Risotto recipes consist of parmesan cheese, onions, and butter.

Tiramisu: Dessert to Delight the Senses

To conclude experiences of Italian fine dining NYC people have, a delicious slice of Tiramisu is highly recommended. This layered pastry is favored given the bits of cocoa and coffee that each and every bite provides. You'll find yourself smiling after one slice of this incredible treat.

These days, you won't need to go all the way to Italy for a genuine dining experience. Italian restaurants in NYC
can give you a taste of the Mediterranean simply a couple of blocks away from your home. If you want to read more about Italian cuisine, you can browse through http://www.yourguidetoitaly.com/popular-foods-of-italy.html.

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