Hazel Atlas Mine Tours

Hazel Atlas Mine Tours
BLACK DIAMOND REGIONAL PARK – Explore the underground via a guided tour and learn its history, geology, and the methods used to mine the sandstone. Participants must be age 7 or older and parent participation is required. Please bring a jacket – you will be underground for 90 minutes where the temperature averages 57 degrees F year-round. Tours go 950 feet into the mountain are limited to 15 people at a time. Parking may be charged. This program is not wheelchair accessible. Schedule – March through November WEEKENDS ONLY. Tours are available at 11am and 2pm. Groups of 10 or more may register for the 10am tour by phone or online. First-come/First served may purchase tickets at least one hour in advance at the Sidney Flat Visitor Center for the noon and 3pm tours. Registration Required Register Now/Drop In Info

at Black Diamond Mines Regional Preserve
5175 Somersville Road
Antioch, United States

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