Health Benefits of Salads and Their Safe Handling

Every developed world today has salad menus with a few variations according to the tastes and flavors. Traditionally the salads were prepared with the help of raw vegetables only like cucumber, cabbage, tomatoes, and onions with pinch of salt and lemon to savor. They were either served as a small portion or were completely ignored in the light of heavy main course. However with growing awareness and significance of healthy eating habits salads and healthy eatables have established a prominent place in the lifestyle of several individuals and of course in the restaurants for breakfast.
These being low on calories and high on fibres and other nutrients are most beneficial for a weight loss regime. Fibres are responsible for making an individual feel full which in turn makes him eat less of the remaining meal. Including a high fibre salad in an eating schedule serves in lowering the cholesterol levels and prevents constipation. Salads as made with olive oil, nuts and other good fats aids the body to absorb phyto-chemicals which are widely known to prevent cancer and various heart diseases, lycopene from tomatoes and lutein from green vegetables are some of the benefits of having little good fat in the diet. For those who do not like fruits, can relish on salads served in Smoke House Deli and other places, combined with fruits and vegetables count for a whole meal. These salads provide with a good dose of anti-oxidants which protects the body from the harm caused by free radicals.
The specifics of healthfulness of the salads is not widely known but those who are aware about those, can’t help but savoring on these. They assist the body in providing with the cell making ingredients. Apart from the convenience which they offer in preparing them, at least a couple of their serving will be found in majorly every restaurant for breakfast. Taking into consideration the health benefits of various fruits and vegetables which go into the making of healthy salads, a person cherishing these in their daily diet experiences high blood levels because of the presence of folic acid, Vitamin C, E and alpha and beta carotene. Wide researches have also proved that eating fruits and vegetables lowers the risk of several diseases.
Having mentioned the health benefits of Salads here are ways to safely handling and storing green salads:
-When going for shopping these, make sure to pack the fresh green salad in plastic bags to keep them from the other grocery products. Take special care of raw poultry products.
-An expert from Smoke House Delhi suggests that since the lettuce and other leafy vegetables are perishable, consume these within a week’s time.
-To minimize the risk of several foods borne diseases with bagged salads keep them refrigerated at 35 to 40 degrees F.

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