Heartwood Creek Collectibles by Designer Jim Shore

Several years of sculpting and working as an engineer, Jim Shore made the decision to create his own design company. The company he created, Designs American, was created to market his art designs. Once his company was created it exploded into an overnight sensation and he knew it was time to find a business partner. This decision set the foundation for his many awards and inspirational designs.

This partner turned out to be Enesco. Enesco is a global principal when it comes to marketing accessories, collectibles, and gifts. Therefore, in the year 2000, the two , Enseco along with Jim Shore became business partners at last, which resulted in the fabulous line of home accessories and seasonal accessories by Jim Shore.

The Heartwood Creek collection that Jim Shore uses several artistic styling methods to create has won him several design awards beginning in 2002. Jim Shore has received various awards from NALED. The Artist of the Year consecutively from 2003 to 2005. Jim has also won the 2002 Rising Star award, the 2003, as well as 2005 Christmas Collectible of the Year award, and in both 2004, as well as 2005 he won the Christmas Dcor of the Year award.

One aspect of the Jim Shore Heartwood Creek Collection is the utilization of everyday elements from your daily lives to bring joy and happiness into your family for many years to come. The wide variety of pieces he designs ensures that at least one can be displayed all throughout the year.

The shaded lamp featuring a Jazz trumpet player and the Jazz saxophone player are perfect for the Jazz lover looking to add some spice to any room. Both elegant pieces are real show stoppers!

Christmas time would not be complete without celebrating the birth of Christ and elements such as the Three King Figurines in many different styles or the King/Manger scene inspire one to remember the true meaning of Christmas. You can commemorate a first Christmas with a hanging ornament featuring the First Christmas Baby.

Several other Jim Shore Heartwood Creek collections are inspired by some of Jim's childhood memories. The, "Wizard of Oz", collection is one of these collections. With Dorothy and the Tin Man along with the rest of the gang heading down that yellow brick road trying to get Dorothy home it is hard not to take a trip down memory lane.

For any occasion the Jim Shore Heartwood Creek Collection can be a beautiful and conversational centerpiece for your home.

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