How 3d Animation Can Be Useful For Designers?

Starting with the age of the early cave paintings to the present days, art has taken different contours and been on different media. With the time passing art has modified its expression and with brisk advancement in new technology, computers have had their influence on art. Animation, which is an important form of art of our century, has entered the dominion of computer technology from its traditional beginnings.

Digital Three Dimensional Animation can be simply explained as the art of creating moving objects which are shown from a three dimensional perspective to the viewer. The fact that three dimensional animation can show objects in a more realistic way makes it a superior technology in comparison with 2D Animation. This great method is not only used in movies, but also in architecture, simulations, computer models, computer games, special effects and in anyway a 3D presentation or communication tool is developed.

Three Dimensional Computer Animation consists of an elaborate process of 3D modeling, texturing, animating and rendering. 3 Dimensional Modeling is the creation of any object or environment in its Three Dimensional representation through special software. Texturing gives a natural coloring to the Three Dimensional models, which makes it possible for the audience to relate to an object or a person, or even a location in a 3D Animation. It is much like painting into pencil sketches and gives the model its final look.

During the animation stage of the movie creation process, the basics remain the same as have been used in the traditional version. 3 Dimensional Animation is to a great extent based on two main techniques: Motion Capture and Key-framing. Key-framing, like traditional animation, is also based on the slight gradual changes to create an optical illusion of motion, by determining two or more key frames or positions representing a unit of animation. The single difference is that the in-betweens in this case are rendered automatically and filled in by the computer. Before it was done by the animation assistant who was manually painting all the frames in between the key frames. That is the cause all these frames were called in-betweens.

Motion Capture is a way of recording of movements of real objects for a near-reality imitation in an animation. The method is expensive, but can bring high level realism to the animation production if carried out in a proper fashion. The actor who is to be imitated is worn a motion capture suit which delegates his movements through special sensors to the digital actor. 3D Animation, in order to hold its realistic feel, needs far higher frame rates than traditional animation, which are about 12 frames per second.

Many individuals are inspired to chase a career in animation, but often end up only with a flimsy course which only helps them learn how to work with different software which does not ensure proficiency in Three Dimensional Animation. Schools like Academy of Digital Animation and Gnomon School of Visual Arts can provide the appropriate formal education and technical facilities that are fitting to a professional animator. It is always best to enroll with an Animation school which focuses on quality.

To excel as a 3D animator, if you are capable of original and creative work. You should be mastering fundamental design programs like Flash and Photoshop. You should have a good idea of 3D Modeling and should be able to master the function of animation variables, the basic structures that make up life-like 3d models in an animation.

You should know how to use colors to an effective end and an arts degree will be desirable for the job. You have to be aware of important elements like lights, shading and rendering to give your animation the power to keep the audiences glued to their seats. It is realization of these details which will make sure that 3D animated objects created by you look more naturalistic.

But what if you are not a professional animator? That still does not stop you from benefiting from it. A number of 3D Animation programs are available to help you out. Maya, 3ds max, Lightwave, Softimage XSI and Hash Animation Master are very wide spread but complex software, and top choices of experienced animators. Although some of them are accommodating to novices, you could find yourself more at ease with simpler software like 3D GIF Designer, 3D Canvas and Effect 3D. You should research carefully before buying one of them, as you would want all the features and tools you need from a single package as per your requirements.

3D Animations like banners and other features can make a web page more interesting and can convey messages more efficiently, enhancing traffic on the sites. The great amount of 3D programs have plainly removed all obstacles to the access to 3D Animation and have opened doors to new possibilities for the employment of this efficient communication method. 3D Animation can efficaciously enhance the output of your business. Explore which way you can utilize it.

If you are interested in computer 3D animation you can find more detailed information by going to the 3D animation talk forum, a message board with topics on character 3d animation.
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