How To Develop Sense Of Humor

A while back we included the topic of humor and how essential it is for creating attraction. How have you been carrying out with that so far? No matter how good you are doing undoubtedly, it’s hardly possible to be too competent when it comes to your senses of humor.

So let’s deal with some practical methods which you can use to develop an amazing sense of humor…and fast.

First, Become a Humor Consumer

Have you ever learned a foreign language? If this is indeed the case, you possibly already know that the most effective way to become fluent is to plunge yourself in the culture which speaks that language. The same is sure in relation to developing an amazing sense of humor.

How many hours a week do you spend listening to comedians? I’m not discussing reading the joke books. You’ve almost certainly found that funny people have the ability to say things and make people laugh, while some other person might say the same thing and no one laughs.

This is because about 90% of our communication is nonverbal, and you just can’t get the full impact from reading a book.

Second, Write a Few of Your Own Jokes

Okay, don’t get daunted by this tip. This is not as difficult as it sounds, because your jokes don’t even have to be funny to anybody else but you. Why is this? Because most likely, if you find something funny, people who think like you are also going to find it funny. By writing your own jokes, you’ll begin to understand your own sense of humor better and assume it or not, you’ll actually start to acquire your own sense of humor.

It’s common for most people to look at an expert artist such as a comedian and suppose that their ability to make people laugh is natural and effortless. Actually, what you are looking at is the outcome of many long hard hours of practice and rehearsing.

Did you know that most comedians just call things what they really are and people laugh about it? Why is this? Because there are many ridiculous things in life which we just assumed to be normal, when in reality they are downright wacky.

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