How to Get into a Performing Arts High School

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    • avatar Ariel Depay 1

      i wana go to laguardia anyone else wana go to laguardia?

      • avatar Sabrina Rosa 0

        I want to it's going to be so hard 😁

        • avatar Hello World 1

          OKAY I need help! Tomorrow I will be auditioning for lachsa. Any tips? I am will be acting.

          • avatar Morgan Bennett 2

            I was in ArTES

            • avatar Miranda Bryant 1

              Is it hard to get in?

              • avatar Jenny K 1


                • avatar Jenny K 0

                  My schools chorus teacher was in the kovie fame

                  • avatar Avery Scott 1

                    Are there any good songs to sing that's from the golden age to audition for this school? Pleasee reply :))

                    • avatar V Sutton 2

                      What did you go for, if you went for Music, what was the process for the onstage audition, if you did creative writing or visual arts you can tell me that to… not trying to be mean, just wondering…

                      • avatar Tatiyana Danee 2

                        I'm a freshman and theatre major at Nashville school of arts. We have dance, theatre, visual art, media, and vocal. It an amazing school though. Take that leap of faith and audition!

                        • avatar Sincerely Tahiry 1

                          I wanna go to Laguardia to I'm goin to 8th this really helped

                          • avatar Kaayy Nicole 1

                            I want to go to LaGuardia Arts High school I am in 8th grade :)

                            • avatar Morganson Grae 2

                              okay does this apply to people who do actual art like paitning drawing and stuff like that because im in the 8th grade and im an artist

                              • avatar troy wealth 1

                                i really want to get into a performing art school because i have a passion for pencil /charcoal art. But the only problem is my mom doesnt really support my interest in art, she wants me to do or be something greater in life.

                                • avatar GirlyGirlzRock226 1

                                  Im going to one nxt year for high school and I cant wait!!

                                  • avatar CKD777 1

                                    I am planning to try to go to a Visual and Performing Arts high school next year. I need to make a portfolio for it. I'm really passionate about Visual Arts: Drawing and The Performing arts: Dancing :D
                                    This helped :))))))