PLANNING A RENOVATION OR NEW HOME? The “How to Get it Right with Your Reno or New Home” workshop will simplify your entire project journey and ultimately help you to ... Feel confident about the steps you need to take in your project Avoid the pitfalls of renovating and building Understand how to keep things on budget and on time Be in control of what you need to do to get it right in your home Renovate and build without losing your sanity As an architect with over 20 years industry experience, I've helped countless clients build and renovate their homes. I've also learned lots about the stress, pain and joy of building and renovating from doing a few projects of my own. My mission is to simplify renovating and building for you, and help you avoid the heartache and drama.  If you're like most homeowners planning their project, you may be worried about ... Being taken advantage of Blowing your budget The process taking forever Not ending up with what you really wanted My years of experience with homeowners just like you has shown me that making mis-steps in the early planning days … and then continuing to make them … can fundamentally change your project and send you in the wrong (and expensive) direction ... What if, instead ... You had all your ducks in a row BEFORE getting started... You knew the right steps to take NOW in order to make your renovation or new home great? You were clear and confident about how to save yourself time, money and stress along the way? You could put yourself on the road to getting it right, understanding how to navigate the process and pitfalls in order to create a home that feels fantastic? Join me Saturday, 17 June, 9.00am - 12.30pm in Sydney. For a 3 hour intensive workshop! Get it right from the start In this focused, intensive workshop, I'll teach you the steps you need to know to have a great project. You’ll learn the right steps to take, from the start to finish, in order to save time, money and stress. Have your questions answered In order to keep it super effective for attendees, I’m keeping this workshop small and interactive.  I’ll answer your questions and share my best ideas and “bang-for-buck” tips that you can action immediately to make a BIG difference to your project. Focus on what’s important In the workshop I’ll take you through the steps involved in these 4 KEY stages to a great renovation or new build: How to get started and where to begin Getting your design right What you absolutely must do before you start to build During the build… and beyond. We’ll also take a deep dive into 5 of the most important steps that will change the way you build or renovate – so you get some really helpful info to save time, money and stress. Realise your dream… without the nightmares! Renovating and building are incredible opportunities to create a place, that’s uniquely yours, where you can be happy and relaxed with family and friends. But between you and that dream of your beautiful home is a maze of overwhelming stress, blowouts and things-that-go-terribly-wrong! TICKETS ARE LIMITED and sales close Tuesday, 13th June ... so grab yours now. Bring your friend or partner Take advantage of the special "friend/partner" discount (Choose the "Workshop ticket for 2" option). Get access to special attendee-only offers Think of me as your secret ally ... I can’t wait to see you there! - Amelia, UA x (Founder and Architect, Undercover Architect) ps SPECIAL ATTENDEE BONUS Can't decide whether to come to the workshop, or save your pennies for my e-program Your Reno Roadmap? Do both! If you attend the workshop, you'll receive a 0 discount voucher to upgrade to Your Reno Roadmap (one voucher per couple, valid for 30 days from date of workshop). Yep, upgrade to Your Reno Roadmap in 30 days at a ridiculously discounted rate! (This will be to the new upgraded version of Your Reno Roadmap, launching in July). This event is kindly supported by Brickworks Building Products and their stunning Sydney CBD venue (I'm SOOOO excited!!). Morning tea is included. Please note: Tickets are non-transferable and non-refundable. 

at Australbricks Design Studio
50 Carrington St
Sydney, Australia

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