How To Get Signed By Plus Size Modeling Agencies

Just because you’re not a size 4 waif doesn’t mean you can’t have a rewarding and successful career as a model.

Here’s a 3-step checklist to jumpstart your goals of getting noticed by plus size modeling agencies and help you realize your dreams of becoming a plus size model.

Plus Size Modeling Agencies Tip No.1: Personal Assessment

Are you one of those people who think being a plus size model is going to be a piece of cake. Well, think again. Getting repped by a plus size modeling agency can be just as ruthless and difficult as in the world of traditional modeling.

Take a look in the mirror and honestly answer the following questions: do you have a natural and beautiful look? Are you relatively tall? (This is very important for plus size models.) Do you have an unrelenting drive to reach your goals and won’t be stopped by any temporary setback. If yes, then you can move on to….

Plus Size Modeling Agencies Tip No.2: Create a Portfolio

Some prospective plus size models think they need to spend thousands of dollars for a shiny and glossy portfolio to show off their talent. But this is simply not true.

What you need in a begginer portfolio: pictures that show off your natural beauty. Okay…but what the heck does that mean? No cheesy shots in front of the fireplace; nothing too fake or artificial. Just some quality shots showing off your simple beauty without any posing.

As for the number of pictures, you will need AT THE VERY LEAST one quality face close-up and ONE full-body shot of you in some natural and flattering attire. Having that will defintely get you leg up on the competition.

Plus Size Modeling Agencies Tip No.3: Contacting the Agencies

Okay. So you’ve got your portfolio compiled…now what do you do? Well your next step for your plus size modeling career is to contact reputable modeling agencies that do have some form of specialized department in plus size modeling.

Not sure what “reputable” means? Check with folks in the modeling biz to find out the reputations of prospective agencies you’d like to contact. (You’d be surprised what a small world the modeling universe actually is.)

The next course of action is to pick up the phone and call–don’t even think of faxing or mailing–and see if you can schedule a “meet” at the agency.

When you arrive for your meet make sure to go semi-casual, and wear clthing that makes you look awesome, but comfy.

Note: One other way to get noticed by agencies is to go to an open call. Though a big of a cattle call–don’t worry about it–it can still be a great way into a plus size modeling agency’s ranks.

Learn more about Plus Size Modeling Agencies and how you can get noticed by them. Stop by to get tips and resources on how to jumpstart your plus size modeling career today.

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