How to identify high quality phoenix tea

Phoenix -oolong leaf tea is really hot recently; it’s known that it has significantly great help to preserve one’s health. Many people are asking the price of phoenix tea. Is it expensive? Where there is a cost-effective phoenix tea to sell?

Phoenix tea, is one of the oolong leaf tea varieties, belongs to semi-fermented tea, is one of the six major teas. Phoenix fir has 700 years of production history, has a long history and reputation. Leading producer of Chaozhou is one of the three largest oolong leaf tea production areas in China. Picking after the tomb-sweeping day, , refined need 15 days or so, the annealing aging can only be listed. Osmanthus incense single fir, take single fir, ginger flowers single fir, almond fir, etc., were pick four or five days after the tomb-sweeping day picking ripe tea. Osmanthus incense oolong leaf tea into tea, tight and straight oil moisten, article assumes the fish color, looked, orange, clear, natural osmanthus fragrance, taste glycol and refreshing lasting, price of 9600 yuan per kilogram

Cheap goods are not all bad, and expensive goods are not all good. Here, I make up through a variety of data collected for everybody some of the ways to identify phoenix tea, later all need not ask single fir phoenix tea how many money? You can know the tea price after identify the quality of It, and you can buy a cost-effective phoenix-oolong leaf tea. Chinese emphasize looking, smelling, asking, and trying. Chinese tea also can use these four words. “Look” is, look at the appearance of phoenix fir, the tea bar straight thick, form a complete, uniform size, color rendering for brown or black, give a person a kind of sense of feeling this is tasted, whereas softness hang, tiny broken tea quality is poor. “Smell” is one of the important methods to identify phoenix tea. Phoenix fir is famous for its fragrant flavor and staying alone, if smell pungent aroma could be artificial fragrance of oolong leaf tea, the aroma ease into the nasal feel pure and fresh and refreshing is tasted, identify multiple discontinuity of smell; Authentic quality phoenix- oolong leaf tea , have been slowly. Don’t buy pungent aroma, artificial fragrance brew not only once, no more importantly additives is harmful to human body. “Ask” is about the basic information of the tea. Ask the tea category, the phoenix – oolong leaf tea according to the flavor types are divided into various categories, different categories of different price; Phoenix- oolong leaf tea production tea time, early and late ripe, different time different prices is different also, which requires a good understanding and thinking. “Try” just for fun, try to drink the low-grade phoenix-oolong leaf tea aroma, brew instant high fragrance smell gas, but aroma disappear soon, the second brew, there is no fragrance, entrance with sweat taste, high quality phoenix-oolong leaf tea fragrance lasting, refreshing, was still several brewing aroma and taste sweet slippery, present bright tea liquor.
Knowing the phoenix-oolong leaf tea identification method of looking, smelling, asking, and trying, we don’t have to ask the price of phoenix tea, direct tell the seller how much money the tea value.

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