How To Plan A Great Wine Tasting Party

A wine tasting party is a great way to get together with friends and family and to learn about wines and taste different wines. Finding out how many people are attending is the first step to organizing a successful wine tasting party. Once the guest list is determined you must send out invitations at least two weeks in advance.

To make things easier you could just purchase a wine tasting kit which would include all the necessary things for a wine tasting party. If you prefer doing everything yourself you can make your own tasting cards that have the type of wine on it, the vineyard, the year and a description of the wine.

Next, create a card for all your potential guests so they can note the wine's characteristics on them. You can double the fun by doing a blind tasting session, or forgoing the whole tasting card process and just having the guest write down what they think the wine is - ballpark figures for the year, and guessing which vineyard it came from, for instance.

The room will need to be properly lit in order to set the right mood. You can go as simple as just a plain table cloth or you could get creative and decorate with vintage things. When tasting wines you don't want to pour a full glass of wine. You want to pour no more than about two ounces of wine per glass and per wine for each person.

When serving appetizers, or food to be eaten in between tastes, you can't go wrong with plain bread or soda crackers. Everybody should have wine glasses in the party, naturally. Leave it at one to two glasses per guest. Water for rinsing glasses and some sort of bowl or bucket for discarding wine after each testing.

To get your guests in the mood, or to serve as after-party snacks, you can serve cheese or anything else light in flavor and texture. The temperature of all the wines being served should be room temperature to get the best flavor out of the wine. The final thing necessary for a wine tasting party is laughter and a good time had by everyone.

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